7 Ways to Avoid Snacking at Night ...


You say you’re going to quit every single night, but you just can’t seem to find any effective ways to avoid snacking at night. The potato chips, cookies, and that gosh darn frozen yogurt in the freezer just keep calling your name. Or, perhaps it’s the allure of that cold, crunchy bowl of cereal at night, and you can’t seem to stop at one bowl. My love affair with snacking at night used to be filled with a jar of peanut butter (sugary, processed Jif of course), and a whole package of Chips Ahoy Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. I’d sandwich them together with the peanut butter and go to town. Every morning after, I’d tell myself I’d quit, but for years I couldn’t seem to get a grip on myself. If you have a night time habit of food overload out of depression, an eating disorder, or just a bad habit to unwind, you might just need a little help. Once I decided I was tired of my rotten habit, I found effective ways to avoid snacking at night that have worked for me the last 10 years and counting. Give it a try- you’d be surprised just how much better you feel the next day and every day after.

1. Eat More

That’s right, one of the first ways to avoid snacking at night is to eat more! Stop delaying food all day and eat more filling, healthy foods. Foods rich in fiber, protein, healthy fats, and green vegetables are your friends. I know those sound boring, but when you eat those foods during the day, you’re less hungry at night. These foods also stabilize your brain chemistry and promote a sense of balance, unlike snack foods and junk food. Eat more throughout the day, especially breakfast and lunch. When you wait to eat each day, it raises your blood sugar, and your body will consistently reach for sugar and carbs, along with high fat foods all day and night to try to get insulin back into balance again.

Be Active
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