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Need some tips to prevent overeating after working out? Sometimes, you might feel like a hard workout entitles you to eat whatever you want. But it’s important to fuel yourself throughout the day, especially after you work out. To avoid gorging on an entire pizza after a long run, try these tips to prevent overeating after you work out.

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Eat a Solid Pre-Workout Snack or Meal

Sometimes the real reason you’re so hungry after a workout is because you didn’t fuel yourself properly beforehand. Eating a pre-workout snack or meal before exercising might be all you need to get through your workout and keep your appetite in check. Strive for a snack or meal that’s a healthy balance of carbs and protein. A bowl of cereal with milk, half a peanut butter sandwich, or some greek yogurt and berries are all great choices. This is a perfectly healthy snack and one of the easiest tips to prevent overeating after you work out.


Plan Your Meal Ahead of Time

Don’t waste time trying to cook after your workout. You’ll probably end up gorging on something unhealthy while you prepare your meal. Instead, plan your meal ahead of time so that all you need to do is heat it up quickly, then sit down and enjoy.


Eliminate Distractions and Temptations in the Kitchen

Even if you have a healthy post-workout meal all ready to go, you can easily get sidetracked if your pantry or fridge is loaded with unhealthy foods. Put tempting chips, crackers, cookies, and other drinks out of sight so there’s nothing to distract or tempt you. This can definitely help you from overeating and indulging.


Eat More Protein

Often the reason we’re hungry is a lack of protein in our diets. Make sure you’re getting enough protein not just in your post-workout meal, but also in all your meals throughout the day. Eating more protein can help satiate your appetite and keep your blood sugar levels even, so you’ll be less likely to stuff your face after exercising.


Protein Shakes Can Be a Good Option Sometimes

For those of you who want a fast and quick post-workout meal, a protein shake might be the perfect choice. Blend them with a little water, milk, or even milk substitute for a high-protein and delicious treat after your sweat sesh. Remember, not all protein powders are alike, so do your research and find a supplement that’s healthy and doesn’t have any artificial/synthetic ingredients in it.


Strive for Balance in All Your Meals

Feelings of intense hunger or cravings aren’t often about the moment when you cave in and succumb to that pizza or pile of brownies. If you’re been dieting hard core for the last few weeks or months, sometimes overeating is your body’s way of making up for that. Strive for balance in all your meals and snacks, making sure each meal has adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrate, and fat.


A Workout is Not an Excuse to Binge or Overeat

I don’t care if the treadmill says you burned 1000 calories—a workout is not an excuse to eat whatever you want. That’s part of the reason people don’t see results despite working out religiously. Diet is the other half of the weight loss battle, and it’s important to make sure you’re eating right as well as sticking to your workouts.

Do you tend to overeat after working out? What are some strategies to make sure your hunger doesn’t get the best of you, especially after exercising?

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Good advice 👍

I always over eat. It's the protein I need

I'm a scientist and numbers oriented, so I use my heart rate monitor to estimate the calories in a run, then eat at most half that afterwards.

Nope. I'm not going to sabotage my hard work.

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