7 Simple Ways to Cook Yourself Thin ...


7 Simple Ways to Cook Yourself Thin ...
7 Simple Ways to Cook Yourself Thin ...

What if I told you there are actually ways to cook yourself thin? No, it doesn’t involve you getting in an oven, don’t worry! In all seriousness though, you truly can cook differently to lose weight and enjoy yourself in the process. Check out my favorite ways to cook yourself thin and the pounds will fall off without you even knowing it.

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Use Only Coconut Oil

Use Only Coconut Oil I don’t like to cook with any oil if I don’t have to, but one of the best ways to cook yourself thin, is to cook with coconut oil instead of any other oil. I grease my pans with this oil, such as if I’m sauteing veggies, baking muffins, or even making my family eggs. It is a great way to reduce your waistline for a few reasons. Yes, coconut oil is high in fat, but their chemical structure means the fats don't change to unhealthy fats when heated. This is important for weight loss and heart health. Using margarine and buttery spreads is not only toxic to your body, but just aren't best for weight loss. Also, when you heat up most vegetable oils, even olive, the fats change and turn to unhealthy rancid fats. This is bad news for your body. Coconut oil holds up well in cooking and it also lowers your appetite.. Don’t douse your food in in, but use it to grease all your pans and such when cooking.


Use Lemon Juice

Use Lemon Juice One key trick I have to season veggies or salads is to use lemon juice - and a lot of it. I love to squeeze lemon juice over vegetables when I am steaming them. It adds so much flavor for virtually no calories. I also use lemon juice instead of salad dressing and add herbs and spices, then toss to coat. It is so tasty and you won’t even miss those high fat, chemical laden dressings.


Bake, Don’t Broil

Bake, Don’t Broil If you didn’t know, baking is different than broiling and much healthier for you. Broiling foods faster at high temperatures has been proven to cause the proteins and fats in food to become rancid and bad for your heart. The high temperatures can even produce more carcinogens. Baking, on the other hand, might take longer, but requires a lower temperature and is much healthier for you.


Quit Frying

Quit Frying If you haven’t already stopped frying your food, I hope you’ll start trying other methods. Baking is a much better way to cook than frying. Baking eggs and meat if you eat it, is a great alternative to fried eggs and fried meat. I also like steaming as a way of cooking. Sauteing is fine. (Saute means to fry quickly in a little oil). You can thinly coat the pan in coconut oil which is sufficient for successful sauteing.


Bulk It up with Veggies

Bulk It up with Veggies When cooking for yourself, make your meals at least 75% vegetable based. Steam lots of veggies and make root veggies your source of carbs instead of grains. Serve a side salad with lots of fresh fruits and veggies if you want. You can also bulk up casseroles or egg dishes with veggies like zucchini, pumpkin, winter squash, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and onions in place of meat and carbs. This lowers the calorie content, is much better for your digestion and health, and will help you lose weight faster than any other cooking trick out there.

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Use Less Meat

Use Less Meat Even if you eat lean forms of meat, eating less of it can help you lose weight. You can still eat meat, but focus most of your diet on vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, or pescatarian sources like fish, eggs and if you eat dairy, fat -free dairy. Over time, try to transition to fish for the best weight loss possible, unless you're vegan of course. There are many plant proteins that are amazing for you to eat instead. Tofu, quinoa, hemp seeds, nuts, avocados and even lentils are great sources of protein and will help you lose weight. I don't use them personally, but raw plant protein powders can also be used in smoothies and such to help you get enough protein.


Get Rid of All That Salt

Get Rid of All That Salt Put down the salt shaker for the best weight loss and use some Mrs. Dash or herbs and spices. This is one of the best cooking tips to reduce your waistline. First, it helps train your tongue not to crave high-sodium processed foods, and it helps beat bloat. It also lowers your blood pressure, which is important for reducing stress and heart disease. I adore Mrs. Dash for helping you transition, and recommend using it on everything from veggies, to meats, to salads. I even used it on eggs when I first cut the salt in my diet.

The best thing about cooking is, that instead of eating processed foods it is a sure way to get healthier. With a few tweaks to your cooking routine, it can speed the weight loss process along. Do you have a cooking tip to help others lose weight faster?

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Will try these methods :)

Awesome tips can't wait to try the coconut oil

I do all and have lost weight.

Im really gonna try these methods... I had my second baby 7 months ago and its extremely hard for me to loose the weight this time compared to my first child

Didn't know that about coconut or olive oil! Great article.. Makes me wanna make a stir fry!

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