7 Simple Ways to Cook Yourself Thin ...


What if I told you there are actually ways to cook yourself thin? No, it doesn’t involve you getting in an oven, don’t worry! In all seriousness though, you truly can cook differently to lose weight and enjoy yourself in the process. Check out my favorite ways to cook yourself thin and the pounds will fall off without you even knowing it.

1. Use Only Coconut Oil

Use Only Coconut Oil

I don’t like to cook with any oil if I don’t have to, but one of the best ways to cook yourself thin, is to cook with coconut oil instead of any other oil. I grease my pans with this oil, such as if I’m sauteing veggies, baking muffins, or even making my family eggs. It is a great way to reduce your waistline for a few reasons. Yes, coconut oil is high in fat, but their chemical structure means the fats don't change to unhealthy fats when heated. This is important for weight loss and heart health. Using margarine and buttery spreads is not only toxic to your body, but just aren't best for weight loss. Also, when you heat up most vegetable oils, even olive, the fats change and turn to unhealthy rancid fats. This is bad news for your body. Coconut oil holds up well in cooking and it also lowers your appetite.. Don’t douse your food in in, but use it to grease all your pans and such when cooking.

Use Lemon Juice
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