8 Times when You Should Not Diet ...

Alison Bryant

8 Times when You Should Not Diet ...

There are several situations when you should not diet. However much you want to lose weight, it may not be wise for health reasons. Or your motivation may not be right. For a diet to be successful, it has to be done for the right reasons, and you need to be committed. Plus your health should always be a priority. So here are some circumstances when you should not diet …

1 When You're Pregnant

Pregnancy is one occasion when you should not diet at all. Your growing baby needs ample nutrition, and so do you. Going on a diet means that you risk your health, as the baby will take what it needs. So eat sensibly but don't deprive yourself. You can concentrate on losing the weight after your baby is born.

2 When You're Breastfeeding

A breastfeeding mother needs a high calorie diet in order to produce enough milk. Again, this is not the stage to worry about losing the baby weight. You need to keep your energy levels up, so as when pregnant, eat a healthy diet rather than trying to cut down on your calorie consumption.

3 Health Problems

Be very careful about dieting if you have health problems. If they are related to your weight then your doctor may advise a sensible weight loss program. Otherwise, wait until you are fully recovered before embarking on a diet, so that your health and recovery are not compromised.

4 To Please Someone else

It's never a good idea to diet because someone else wants you to. Firstly, if you aren't doing it for yourself you won't be sufficiently motivated. Secondly, why should you shape your body to please someone else? Some people want you to lose weight because it is a way of controlling you.

5 To Copy Stars

The media pushes the idea that to be successful and admired you must be thin. It's not a very positive image for girls and young women to absorb, but it's a message that's everywhere. Wanting to be like a celebrity is definitely a bad reason for dieting - it should only be for health reasons.

6 Obsession

Think about the subject honestly - are you in danger of becoming obsessed with dieting? Do you go from one diet to another, or keep losing weight before putting it back on? If counting calories is taking over your life, you may be going too far. Don't let dieting become too dominant.

7 If It Makes You Miserable

Diets can be pretty miserable, especially if they are too restrictive. You're more likely to fail to stick to a diet if it makes you bored. Besides, limiting your food intake and the variety of foods you consume can mean missing out on vital nutrients. Dieting probably won't work if it makes you unhappy.

8 Without Medical Approval

Always check with your doctor before starting a diet. Not only do you need to check that you are healthy, but also to confirm if you really need to lose weight. If your doctor advises you against dieting, then listen. They are the professionals, and know what they are talking about.

Even if you do need to lose a few pounds, it's important that you do so for the right reasons. By being properly motivated, you stand a greater chance of reaching your weight loss goals. It's not a good idea to diet because your boyfriend says he likes slim women, or because you want to be like someone else. Have you ever gone on a diet for the wrong reasons?