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It's been a little more than six weeks since we all made the New Year's resolution to eat a more healthful diet, either to lose weight or just feel better... and if your plan is going as well as mine (it's going pretty miserably, thank you), it's time for some super-simple diet hacks to get us back in line. Diets don't have to be difficult to work, and these diet hacks prove that making even one tiny change can mean all the difference. I'm ready for some diet inspo, how about you?

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Brush up

This is probably the strangest of all the diet hacks I've tried, but I can tell you: it works! My diet downfall is the post-8 p.m. snacking, so I've started flossing and brushing my teeth to avoid temptation. When I'm reading a book or watching Downton Abbey, I use one of those little floss-picks, which keeps my mouth occupied and makes my dentist happy. Then I brush, which somehow signals to my body that there will be no more eating for the night, and honestly. I'm not even tempted to snack. Strange, right? But totally effective. Try it!


Slow down

It takes a few minutes for our brains to realize our bellies are full, so this diet hack is another favorite: I just slow down, and once my plate is empty, I wait five minutes before deciding whether I want more. Usually, when I wait, I'll realize I'm full. If I don't wait, I'll keep eating, even though I don't need to. Hello, extra calories and bloating!


Drink Water

With the rare exception, none of us drink enough water. On a day when you're not doing anything strenuous, the "how much water do I need" formula is simple: if you weigh 130 pounds, you need to drink about 65 ounces of water. If you work out, you'll need more. A good (but slightly gross) indicator of whether or not you're drinking enough water? Check the loo. If your urine is yellow, you need more water. Ick, but effective!


Cut It out

Cut what out, you ask? Soda, whether it's regular or diet. Just get rid of it, period. No one needs those empty calories, and endless studies have shown that women who drink even a little are at a dramatically increased risk of obesity. This is the simplest of all diet hacks, really: stop drinking soda, the end. Done!



A new exercise regimen can be daunting (and, I admit, painful). So let's try something all doctors and fitness experts everywhere knows is an effective, simple way to burn calories: walk. Take a stroll after dinner. Walk the dog in the afternoon. Find a way to sneak walking into your day, and your diet will be more effective.


Color Your Plate

This is so simple it's almost silly: the more colorful your meal, the better it is for you... truly! Think about it: leafy greens, bright red tomatoes, yellow and green peppers, purple cabbage — all of these are marvelously healthful and much better for you, calories and nutrient-wise, than boring brown meat and beige mashed potatoes.


Stick to the Border

When you're at the grocery store, stick to the outside sections, rather than heading down any of the middle aisles, and your diet will improve. Why? Because all the good stuff, like fresh produce and lean meats, are around the perimeter of the store, while all the junk, like crisps and soda, are in those tempting middle aisles. Stick to the edges, then head to the checkout!

Which of these diet hacks will you try first, or do you have another simple solution to add to my list?

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Good points...

Great article. I always loose a quick ten pounds when I up my water after slacking. My wedding ring gets loose, my waist goes way down and I'm not retaining water anymore. Water works great, just don't over do it. I do 4 water bottles a day, sometimes 5. About 64-67 ounces of water a day. Even my skin and hair benefit from water.

@Phyillis the spotty white is Dragon Fruit :)

Dragon fruit is not very nice tbh... I agree with your post completely! My fiancé was totally hooked on drinking coca cola. Been doing it for years. About a month ago he just said to me "I'm going to stop drinking coke in the house... He kept to his word and has dropped 2 Jean sizes... From a 40" to a 36"/ leaning towards a 34". He lost a lot of weight by purely just cutting out soft drinks. Seriously just don't drink that rubbish x

No more white anything... Breads, pastas, etc.... All whole wheat.

Use a smaller plate!!! It will help control your portion size!

The more flavorful my food the more satisfied I feel. I don't mean standard condiments like catsup and mustard but things like spices or maybe a little BBQ sauce. When food is too bland I feel less satisfied and eat more. Also eating until I am satisfied, not stuffed full.

Great points, I follow all of them already *pats shoulder*. I also like eating frozen raspberries when I crave something sweet because it's so satisfying and low in cal and carbs. I also like drinking unsweetened green tea when I'm craving something unhealthy because it fades away when I finish my cup. 👌

I love this article !

What is the fruit pictured?

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