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When it comes to making good eating choices, it always helps to have the advice of people who know what they’re talking about. Registered dieticians are the perfect resource for knowing what foods to buy and which ones to avoid. Taking their advice nets you meals and snacks that are full of nutrients and great for weight maintenance. Here’s what the best dieticians include in their typical meal plan.

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Eat Broccoli, but Eat It Raw

Eat Broccoli, but Eat It Raw Broccoli is a prime choice because studies show that it is rich in glucosinolates, which are plant compounds that are proven to help prevent cancer. The experts warn that raw broccoli is much higher in these nutrients than cooked, so try it in salads or with dip instead of cooking it. I promise, it tastes just as great!


Have a Big Glass of Almond Milk

Have a Big Glass of Almond Milk For people who have to avoid lactose, almond milk is the best alternative. It can be used in baking, on cereal or plain and contains good amounts of calcium and vitamin D. It’s also got a healthy dose of protein and the flavor is great so you won’t feel deprived. Even if you can have typical dairy, almond milk on occasion is a choice suggested by multitudes of registered dieticians.


Start Cooking with More Fresh Herbs

Start Cooking with More Fresh Herbs Dried herbs are good, but using fresh gives you more antioxidants and can treat various health ailments, such as poor digestion. Fresh herbs are great for homemade salad dressings, marinades and salads. Mix and match your favorites to create exciting new dishes all the time. Try dill in a veggie salad or basil on a slice of pizza.


Try a Superfood – Quinoa

Try a Superfood – Quinoa Quinoa is definitely getting its 15 minutes of fame! It’s a complex carb that’s packed with iron, B vitamins and fiber. That means it fills your belly and keeps you feeling full for very few calories. It also helps give your body energy, promotes healthy digestion and might even fight off heart disease. It’s good cold or hot in salads, soups or as a replacement for rice.


Eat a Handful of Nuts for a Snack

Eat a Handful of Nuts for a Snack You can’t really go wrong with nuts. They are packed with fiber and protein and make a great snack when paired with cheese or fruit. Go easy on them though because they are higher in calories than other snacks even if they are super healthy. You might also try nuts on salads, in oatmeal or as a tasty addition to trail mix.


Add Kale to Your Salads

Add Kale to Your Salads It’s not a garnish anymore. Kale is a superfood chock full of a plethora of nutrients you need to be healthy. That includes calcium, iron, vitamin K, fiber and more. It has a pleasantly leafy flavor that works well in mixed veggie salads. It also tastes heavenly in soups or sautéed with garlic as a side dish. Yum!


A Square of Dark Chocolate

A Square of Dark Chocolate Rejoice! Yes, the top nutrition experts say it’s fine to eat chocolate every day. The trick is to choose dark chocolate as it’s a much healthier choice than the milk variety. Stick to small portions and balance it with other splurges so you don’t overdo it on fat, calories or sugar. Dark chocolate is a great way to end the day.

Which of these foods do you eat? Do you plan on trying any that are new to you? Let me know how it goes!

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I eat all these things and they are great rasp the raw broccoli. I will recommend these things.,I have introduces friends and they are loving it. It does wonders to go ur skin tty it and thanks for the post. Brilliant.

@m4nd4.. not necessarily for all people.. I have been eating raw veggies for years and years now, and I haven't had digestive issues. Give it a try.

I love and eat every one of these, except for quinoa because I have not tried it yet. I'm sure I'll like it though if it tastes anything like it says. Glad to see I'm on a very healthy path, which I've been on since September.

I'm a neophyte to quinoa, but the remainder are familiar. I LOVE dark chocolate almond milk!

I heard that you're not suppose to eat vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower raw because it is harder for the body to digest- easier when it is cooked..

Quinoa has a lot of protein so it's best for veggies and vegans only. In other respects it's only marginally better for you than brown rice yet much more expensive

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