9 Super Easy 💡Ways to Stay Slim ⚖️ and Trim for Ultra Busy Girls ...

To stay in shape and get rid of unwanted weight, all you need to do is give up certain habits and exchange them with better alternatives. Effort is obviously required, but you know the end results are TOTALLY worth it. These little changes will end up making a huge difference in your appearance and how you feel. Use these 9 easy ways to stay slim and trim with your busy lifestyle.

1. Choose Frozen Vs Canned Veggies

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Sugars and preservatives are added and vitamin content is removed in canned vegetables. In contrast, frozen veggies keep all the natural goodness and do not have any extra additives.

2. Choose Candied Fruits and Nuts Vs Sweets

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Swap out cakes and candies with fresh and dried fruits and nuts. Taking away excess sugars and fats without giving up the sweet taste is a perfect alternative. Eat everything in moderation.

3. Choose Fruits with Stones Vs Seeds

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Reduce cholesterol levels and lose weight by eating fruits with stones, like peaches, nectarines, and plums. Eat fruits only during the first half of the day.

4. Use the Stairs

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Stop using the elevator (and even your car if you can) and walk everywhere. Your legs and butt will look more toned, and you will not only lose weight, but burn weight faster because muscle burns fat more quickly.

5. Exercise Vs Binge Watching

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Get off the couch and put down the remote. Exercising instead of lounging around for hours will boost your mood. You'll look good and feel good.

6. Choose the Right Coffee

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Replace your high sugar cappuccino with black coffee. Before you say no, think of all of the hundreds of extra calories you're consuming in ONE beverage. If you can't handle black coffee because of the taste, slowly start putting less sugar and creamer in your coffee, and you'll eventually prefer the taste.

7. Workout with a Partner

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Working with friends and coworkers will help you stick with a routine. Meeting up at the same time will keep everyone in your group accountable to a workout schedule.

8. Snack before a Meal

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Eating a salad or light snack before going out to eat at a restaurant will reduce the amount of food you eat. It's easy to consume around 1,000 calories, but eating a little something before will easily reduce what you eat by 20-30%. This adds up to about 10 pounds in a year! Your wallet will also thank you.

9. Use the Power of Aromatherapy

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Smells have a huge impact on your appetite. Choose a fruity scent versus a bakery treat scent to get your brain to stop craving bad foods. I've traded in my favorite buttercream cake candle in for an apple scented candle.

These little changes in your life will have a huge impact on your body and mind. If it's hard to get rid of your favorite things, ask yourself this--would you rather have that item, like a slice of cake, instead of a healthy lifestyle? Your good choices will turn into habit before you know it.

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