10 Secrets to Eating to Stay Slim from Svelte French Women ...


It’s no secret that the French know how to eat. From baked delights in the morning to wine at night, it’s hard to believe that French women stay so slender. But they can - and we found out some of their habits.

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Treat Meals as Sacred🙏

dish, food, meal, produce, vegetable, Eating is such a routine for most of us. From breakfast to dinner, we tend to go through the motions. In fact, we are often looking for the quickest option for our busy lives. French women believe meals are moments where you can stop and enjoy the whole experience: food and conversation.


Make Fitness Casual💁

clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, lady, thigh, A common way that we think about fitness is as a check mark off our to-do list. But to stay in shape, French women simply make it a part of their day. Exercise can take place when you’re doing other things, like getting up and walking during a long workday or squatting to reach low items at a store. You don’t have to overthink it, small things add up.


Reduce Stress😖

hair, clothing, lady, girl, fashion, I think we can all agree that we would like to be less stressed. One of the biggest sources is work. By trying to keep your work and personal life separate, you will produce less cortisol. This means less fat around your abdomen, and less wanting to pull your hair out too (a win-win).


Quality over Quantity💯

dish, food, produce, salad, plant, It can be tempting to buy things because they’re a good deal (I know, I do it with clothes all the time) but not always the best idea. French women are able to stay slimmer because they value the quality of food. Fresh choices made with less crap and additives are worth paying a bit more for than buckets of food from an unknown source.


Don’t Forbid Yourself🚫

color, hair, person, green, image, A lot of diets or weight loss tips these days will tell you to give up everything you love. But it can be extremely hard and discouraging to do so. French women will allow themselves to indulge in what they love, because they know it’s better than going cold turkey and binging later. So treat yourself (to an extent).


There Are No Miracle Pills💊

meal, dish, lunch, food, taste, Weight loss pills and supplements are a huge market in a lot of countries, but French women know not to rely on these to keep them healthy or in shape. By eating whole foods, they know they’ll get the nutrients they need in a natural way, so ditch the magic cures and focus on what will benefit you when you eat.


Avoid “too Much”🖐🏼

food, seafood, animal source foods, sense, meat, Some foods are really salty. Some foods are sugary sweet and rich. French women believe there is a limit, so if anything is “too salty” or “too sweet,” then it gets replaced with something else that is more light, elegant, or tart. They believe in the elegance of flavor and aroma, which can get spoiled by spices or sugar (which isn’t too good for you anyway).


Don’t Rush🏃🏻

clothing, outerwear, fashion, pattern, sweater, There is never any need to shovel food into your mouth – slowly eating is a healthier process that allows for better digestion. It also allows our brains to register that we are getting full. If you quickly eat, you might eat past your limit, which allows for quicker weight gain. French women will often pause and savor their meals.


Stay Away from Extremes😳

dish, food, meal, cuisine, lunch, Let’s say you’re doing a good job with moderation and clean eating, but you break your habit and indulge one day. It can be easy to want to skip a meal the next, but French women stay away from this mindset. Don’t punish yourself for not being perfect. If you do, you can develop unhealthy eating and exercise habits that don’t do any good for you.


Keep an Eye 👁 on GL

food, meal, lunch, dish, seafood, What is GL??? It means glycemic load, and it is important to watch out for. It basically impacts your blood sugar. Foods with less of a GL have more water and fiber, which is great for weight loss. The most popular French foods actually tend to have a low GL, which explains why they stay thin.

These are just some of the secrets 🔐 behind a French woman’s physique. Taking the time to enjoy a meal and incorporating fitness into daily activities is a great place to start. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to comment!

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