7 Sneaky Causes of Belly Fat That Will Blow Your Mind ...


What’s really going on behind that spare tire or muffin top? What’s causing it? If you’d love to know then you need to read this article. These 7 sneaky causes of belly fat will blow your mind.

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Your Love of Chips and All Things Salty Can Make Your Belly Bigger

Right off the bat we have to talk about this one. Part of your belly fat may not be true fat at all. You could be bloated from water retention. You can get rid of this by doing two things. Cut back on your salty snacks and drink more water to banish bloat.


Constipation Could Be Giving You the Appearance of Belly Fat

Yes, it’s true. Being constipated can make you look like you have belly fat when you actually don’t. In addition to being very uncomfortable, constipation makes your tummy look bigger. You’ll feel better and look better when you keep constipation under control. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and other high fiber foods.


Belly Fat Could Be in Your Genes

Now, we’re moving on into tackling true belly fat. Unfortunately, there’s a link between your genes and the belly fat you may be carrying. If everyone in your mom’s side of the family has a spare tire then the chances are you’ll be more likely to have one, too. You can’t change your DNA but you don’t have to help it along. Do what you can to fight belly fat by following the tips in this article.


The Wrong Type of Fats Give You Belly Fat

All fats aren’t created equal. Some of them are worse for you than others. It’s been proven that Trans Fats are the very worst at contributing to belly fat. Not only do they add to your overall weight but they can actually make the fat you store more likely to sit at your waistline than other places in your body. This informative quiz by webmd.com can help you understand this fact about belly fat as well as others.


Drinking More Alcohol than You Should Can Cause Belly Fat

Drinking alcohol can up your risk for belly fat, especially if you consume more than the occasional social drink. What happens is your liver gets so busy dealing with the need to burn off the alcohol that your body can’t concentrate on burning fat. The end result is more belly fat for you. The same article by webmd.com mentioned in the last point talks about this fact also. It’s really about deciding if your drinking is worth carrying those extra inches around the middle.


Not Getting Enough Fiber in Your Diet Can Prevent You from Being Little in the Middle

Fiber is your friend. It not only helps you to be healthy but it gives you a smaller waistline. And fiber doesn’t have to be boring. I think that’s a common misconception many of us have. You can get your fiber by having a bowl of popcorn, eating your sandwich on whole grain bread or enjoying some oatmeal cookies.


Eating More Calories than You Realize Could Be the Culprit

And then there’s just belly fat from excess calories. Many people eat more than they realize. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of calories you take in on a daily basis. To get an accurate picture on how many calories you’re eating, start paying more attention to food labels. Measuring your portions out is also very helpful.

These are 7 sneaky causes of belly fat. Which ones do you think are an issue for you? I’d love to hear your replies.

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You can also have visceral FAT, with a flat tummy. It surrounds the heart & organs. So, exercise is still just as the important as diet.

I'm really into cold foods like halo halo... And sometimes when it's so hot I tend to eat the ice because it's very refreshing.. I often do than on summer days and I notice than my belly got bigger... Is there any connection between the two..? Or I'm just paranoid.

Lucy, I feel your pain. Lower abs are the toughest place to shred FAT.

Just eat properly and exercise.

I'm too skinny and have belly fat 🙈

Everyone should be counting calories. You'd be surprised just how much your favorite foods have!

Eat in moderation and drink plenty of water

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