7 Natural Dieting Teas to Try to Drop a Few Pounds ...

There are a variety of dieting teas on the market you might have seen that tell you by drinking them, you’ll lose 10 pounds overnight. Obviously, if you see one of those, chances are it’s nothing more than marketing hype. However, there are actually some more natural dieting teas out there that can help you drop around 3-5 pounds in the form of excess water weight, or built-up wastes in the digestive tract. If you suffer constipation, bloating problems, or general digestive problems, some forms of dieting teas may help you after all. They don’t target direct fat, but instead target built-up fluids and wastes in the body. When you buy dieting teas, you need to be very careful that you buy a reputable brand that is safe, and you don’t overuse them. Not only can they harm you if they are from a cheap brand with dangerous herbs, but they can also hurt you if overused. The natural dieting teas below are from some of the most trusted brands on the market, and ones that are also highly effective.

1. Laci Le Beau’s Super Dieter’s Tea

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This is one of the most popular dieting teas on the market, and you can find it at most common grocery stores, online health stores, and drugstores. It’s also one I’ve used for years during that time of the month when I have excess bloating, or when digestive issues strike up. With a combination of safe herbs, this product will help you combat bloat, water retention, and constipation if that’s an issue. After emailing the company, I confirmed this product is gluten-free though it isn’t certified gluten-free. It also comes in many flavors and varieties. I recommend the cinnamon flavor if you decide to give it a try!

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