9 Tips That Make Dieting Go Smoothly ...


9 Tips That Make Dieting Go Smoothly ...
9 Tips That Make Dieting Go Smoothly ...

Dieting Tips are great, but when I'm on a diet, I look for advice that focuses on how to help me deal with a diet. I mean, I hate dieting, just because it's so hard to stick to those restrictions. I want dieting tips that help things go more smoothly, so that I'm better equipped to keep from backsliding. If you yearn for the same thing, don't worry! I searched and researched and tried out several things for myself, all to come up with some fantastic dieting tips that will make your diet go smoothly.

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Eat Regularly

This is one of those dieting tips that doesn't seem to make sense. However, eating at regular intervals – and eating often – is key for any diet. When you eat sporadically at no set time, you're taking in way more calories, and you don't burn them fast at all. It's better to eat small amounts every 3-4 hours. Doing so will also help speed up your metabolism, so your body can burn more fat.


Moderate, Moderate, Moderate

I've said it before but it's worth repeating: the second you promise yourself you won't eat something, you start craving it. You can't think of anything until you fulfill that craving, and then you're most likely to binge. So don't completely deny yourself chocolate, fries, pancakes, or whatever your favorite food vice happens to be. Instead, moderate your intake. Give yourself a treat every so often, but don't go overboard.


Find Alternatives

That being said, there are alternatives to every vice. One of the best dieting tips involves finding an acceptable alternative to your favorites. Like salty chips? Instead, try popping your own popcorn. Craving something sweet? Think about eating your favorite fruit dipped in yogurt or a low-fat dip.


Half It

Going out to eat can be hell when you're on a diet. You've probably heard this tip before, but if you haven't followed it yet, start now. What is it? As soon as you order your meal at a restaurant, immediately ask for a takeout box and half your meal. You won't risk overeating, and you'll have leftovers the next day.


No Soda

As a lover of soda, this is one of the most painful dieting tips ever – but I know it's important. You should even quit it with the diet soda. The sweeteners used can actually make you eat more. Water is best, but try natural fruit juices if you need something sweet. And if you absolutely cannot live without soda, moderate it – limit what you drink and try to stem your usage.


Forget the Fads

It seems like a new fad diet emerges every week. Eat cookies for breakfast. Have hotdogs for every meal! Stand on your head while eating carrot sticks! (I made up the last one, but I bet I could write a booklet about it and make a ton of money.) Forget those. They never work. You might lose a few pounds in the short term, but the long term results are horrible. Not only are you far more likely to gain back all the weight you lose and then some, but you can seriously damage your metabolism.


Good Hygiene

This is one of my favorite dieting tips, because it's so easy, yet so effective. After eating a meal or a snack, go brush your teeth. It makes you far less likely to keep grazing. You know those moods where you feel like you can just nibble on something all day? Yeah, brushing takes care of that. I don't know the logistics, but I personally think it has something to do with the fact that the aftertaste of toothpaste makes everything taste awful.


Use a Shopping List

You can't successfully diet if you have a lot of bad food in the house. When you go shopping without a list (or while you're starving), you're much more likely to stock up on all your favorite junk food. So, after eating a healthy snack or meal, arm yourself with a list that contains all the items you need, and just go buy those things – and only those things.


Switch Your Condiments

This is one of the most effective dieting tips I've found. When you're on a diet and eating low-calorie, low-fat foods, sometimes you try to amp up the taste with condiments. Lots of ketchup, sour cream on your backed potato, and so on – but those things are fattening! Instead, try salsa or make your own spread with plain yogurt and spices.

I really hope you find these dieting tips as helpful as I did. It's so easy to backslide, to cheat, to make a mistake – but if you aren't worrying about it as much, then it's also easy to stay on course. For me, the most helpful dieting tips let you know that it's okay to make a mistake; they teach you how to moderate instead. What surefire dieting tips work best for you?

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Belive in youself everyone has the ability to become healthy and thin. Set high goals for yourself. When you eat healthy they are achievable. Take an interest in your health and eat the foods that work with your bodies metabolism to achieve the best results. The secret to looking good and feeling great is directly related to what we eat. Your body will thank you by keeping your health at it's best.

Eat organic and cook from scratch too - the pesticides and chemicals in 'normal' foods encourage your body to store fat, and trick your brain into wanting to eat more.

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