7 Reasons to Start Your Diet in Winter ...


7 Reasons to Start Your Diet in Winter ...
7 Reasons to Start Your Diet in Winter ...

There are lots of reasons to start dieting in winter, though at first, some of them sound a little odd. But trust me, once you see the list of reasons to start dieting before or during the holidays, you’ll understand! What are these reasons, and how can they compel you to start your diet now? Read on, my dear! Here are 7 reasons to start dieting in winter.

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It Helps Mitigate Holiday Indulgences

Let’s face it. The holidays seem to have been designed to undo every bit of diet willpower we possess. Why else would egg nog and Christmas cookies have been invented? If you’re looking for reasons to start dieting during winter, this most certainly tops my list, for if you’re dieting already, you can indulge, just a little, without feeling even one twinge of that familiar holiday food-induced guilt.


Gym Memberships Are Cheaper

The muscle-bound hunks at the gym know that come New Year’s, everyone and their uncle is going to resolve to get into shape, so right now, they’re offering some of their best deals. Check with your favorite local gym to see what specials they’re offering to entice you to sweat up their space, instead of the gym around the block.


Two Words: Winter Break!

We all dream of jetting away somewhere warm come mid-winter, but in reality, would you be so thrilled? I wouldn’t, unless I’d already been dieting a little over the winter. Start your diet now, and when your dream guy asks you to join him for a week on a small tropical island, you’ll be ready.


You Have More Time, Less Pressure

Is there anything worse than realizing, about six weeks out, that you can’t zip the LBD you planned to wear to a special late-winter event? One of the best reasons to start dieting this winter if that you have more time, and a lot less pressure, to meet your weight loss goals… and to fit back into that sweet LBD.


Exercising outside is More Bearable

I loathe running in the summer — it’s so hot and humid, by the time I’ve gone a mile, I’m a sweaty, smelly mess, ready to collapse. Exercising outside is so much easier in winter, as long as you bundle into layers so you can peel them off as you get warmed up.


You’ll Have More Energy

It seems like, in winter, all I want to do after a busy day is ignore my chores and sit on the couch. This general laziness is another reason to start dieting in winter — you’ll have more energy if you eat right and exercise.


You’ll Be Ready for Bikini Season!

And finally, one of the most important reasons to start dieting now… you’ll be ready for bikini season while everyone else is still moaning about muffin top. While everyone else makes a mad dash for the gym they’ve ignored for months, you’ll be well into your diet, more focused on which new swimsuit to buy to show off your figure.

Now that you’ve read all my reasons to start dieting, do you agree with me that now, just at the start of winter, is exactly the right time? If so, which of these reasons makes the most sense to you? Or do you have another reason to start dieting I didn’t mention? Please share!

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