7 Reasons to Start Your Diet in Winter ...


There are lots of reasons to start dieting in winter, though at first, some of them sound a little odd. But trust me, once you see the list of reasons to start dieting before or during the holidays, youโ€™ll understand! What are these reasons, and how can they compel you to start your diet now? Read on, my dear! Here are 7 reasons to start dieting in winter.

1. It Helps Mitigate Holiday Indulgences

Letโ€™s face it. The holidays seem to have been designed to undo every bit of diet willpower we possess. Why else would egg nog and Christmas cookies have been invented? If youโ€™re looking for reasons to start dieting during winter, this most certainly tops my list, for if youโ€™re dieting already, you can indulge, just a little, without feeling even one twinge of that familiar holiday food-induced guilt.

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