8 Dieting Tips for Winter ...


8 Dieting Tips for Winter ...
8 Dieting Tips for Winter ...

Dieting Tips for keeping of those stubborn pounds that seem to want to pack on during the winter time don't have to be elaborate and crunch you into a weird eating plan that keeps you on a celery stick and a glass of water per day! You just have to know a few key rules and stick with them! These dieting tips will help keep you on track throughout the winter, when it's tempting to pile up on warm comfort foods and let inviting to go out in the cold and exercise. Please keep reading for 8 great dieting tips for winter!

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Say "No" to Bread

Who doesn't love bread? Bread is soft and delicious and a main comfort food. But it certainly aids in packing on those pounds! Especially when there is butter and preserves to spread on! So skip the breads in favor of sweet treats after your meal. Have crackers or veggies instead, it does make a difference!


Cook at Home Often

When you go out to eat, it makes it much easier to overeat or have something that is higher in fat and/or calorie content. My suggestion and dieting tip is to cook at home more often! That way you know exactly how healthy your meal is and can make health conscious decisions to swap out whole milk for skim, or use the non-fat version of things like cream cheese.


Use Portion Control

Here is one of my best dieting tips for winter. At this time of year, it can be torture to deny yourself a brownie or a cookie when they seem to be at every party or get together you attend. Here's what to do. Don't deny yourself, instead, portion yourself! Allow yourself one small brownie and one or two cookies. This way, you still curb your craving, but don't overdo it!


Avoid Cream-based Soups

Soups are one of the main comfort food of winter, and no wonder why! They are warm, filling, and homey. But they can pack on the pounds! At 350-400 calories and 20 grams of fat per serving, my dieting tip is to steer clear of cream based soups. Instead, go for broth-based soups like vegetable soup or chili. You will ring in a 150-200 calories and 5-10 grams of fat instead!


Eat THESE Treats

Okay, so walking past the sweets table without overeating is hard. So here's a dieting tip to remember: Have as much as you want of the Zucchini and pumpkin baked goods! These sweets are usually made with reduced sugar and other organic ingredients, plus, how can you go wrong with fruits and vegetables?


Go to the Farmers Market

If you were to go to a bakery, you would probably load up on sweets and breads, wouldn't you? Same principle applies to the farmer's market! Load up on fruits and vegetables, then you will have them n hand around the house. You are more likely to snack on and cook with what you have on hand, so make sure it's healthy items and you will be better for it!


Have a Healthy Breakfast

One of my top dieting tips is to remember to have a healthy, wholesome breakfast. Even it it's just a banana and a glass of milk, you need something to keep you going throughout the day. Eating in the morning will also help to keep you from overeating later on in the day.


Don't Skip Working out

Don't let the fact that it's winter time discourage you from working out! My best dieting tips for winter include fitting in exercise! A brisk 20 minute walk or light jog in the cold air can be invigorating and burn tons of calories! If you can't handle the cold, fit in a visit to the gym or get yourself a treadmill and use it once a week at least. It makes a difference!

You see? Dieting Tips for winter are not that difficult to follow! Just exercise a little self control, and remind yourself that it's all for a good cause. These dieting tips truly will bring about results, and by the end of the winter you will notice that your summer clothes still fit you! What kind of dieting tips do you like to follow to maintain your weight during the winter?

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All the exercise and healthy ways to lose weight look really great, and I am very eager to start them all! I'm in high school and not all of my habits are the best, and your website looks like just the place to help me lose some weight. Thank you for all these fantastic ideas and advice!

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