Should You Really Have Cheat Meals in Your Diet Plan? ...


Although the idea of a weekly cheat might sound totally divine, there are plenty of reasons not to have cheat meals in your diet. Cheat meals might sound great at first, but they can weigh you down and keep you from achieving your health and fitness goals. From personal experience, I know that cheat meals can lead to binge eating and other unhealthy habits. If you’re still not sure about incorporating cheat meals into your healthy eating plan, check out these seven reasons not to have cheat meals on a regular basis.

1. They Can Cause Bloating and Other Digestive Issues

One of the simplest reasons not to have cheat meals is the bloating and other digestive issues they can cause. When you eat clean for days or weeks at a time, your body grows accustomed to subsisting on a variety of healthy, wholesome foods that help you feel and perform your best. A cheat meal, on the other hand, might totally throw your body for a loop. Most people tend to eat processed foods for their cheat meal (e.g. a cheeseburger and fries). The excess sodium, sugar, fat, and other nasty chemicals can actually make you feel pretty crappy since you’ve been eating so healthily all week. If you don’t like dealing with the aftermath of a cheat meal, simply don’t cheat.

Cheat Meals Can Turn into Cheat Days…or Weeks
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