10 Reasons Fad Diets Fail ...


10 Reasons Fad Diets Fail ...
10 Reasons Fad Diets Fail ...

Fad diets have been around since women started to feel the need to control their weight. Everyone has been on one of these miracle diets that make all sorts of promises to get you thin by Friday. But why do we keep subscribing to these quick fix diets? Some of them work for individuals but overall they aren’t the best way to lose weight, nor maintain a healthy weight going forward. Here are 10 Reasons Fad Diets Fail.

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Not Sustainable

For the promise of being able to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans in just 2 weeks, women will do just about anything - drink lemon water, munch on boiled cabbage leaves, cut out everything except breathing, and even start smoking. Some lucky fish may be able to lose the weight through these fad diets, but nobody will be able to keep it off as our cravings for bread, chocolate, or even just a lovely fresh healthy salad will eventually overpower our love for hot lemon water.


Bad for Your Health

There is no such thing as a quick fix. Fad diets are not shortcuts to a brand new you. They are damaging to your healthy and your body. Starving yourself and eating only melon and paw paw will only slow down your metabolism, and make you lose essential body fluids, like water. This may make you look like you have lost weight, but in fact you have only just lost 3 litres of water.


Too Good to Be True

As with all things in life, if it appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. Think about miracle diets logically; if it has taken you 2 years to put on the weight, will anything on God’s earth be able to help anyone of us lose that same weight in one month, or 1 week? Exactly! It’s absolutely impossible.


No Lifestyle Changes

Weight gain and loss is all about a lifestyle; when we adopt bad eating habits and make negative lifestyle changes, we gain weight. In order to lose the weight, we need to turn our lifestyle upside down and make some drastic changes. Quick fix diet pills that promise you will lose weight without changing your lifestyle, is robbing you of your money.


Exercise Matters

Fad diets often do not recognize that losing weight and exercise go hand in hand. Exercise is good for us; it strengthens our muscles, releases endorphins, without the need for a man or chocolate, and helps us sweat out all the toxins in the body. Find an activity that you like and one that you will continue with. Walking is fantastic and not only will it help you keep the weight off, it will get you out into the fresh air as well.


Physiological State of Mind

Our emotions drive everything we do in our lives, and most especially they dictate what we eat. When we are having a hard time with depression and stress, it is very difficult to really want a nice salad and baked potatoes. A nice cheeseburger and a beer seems much more attractive. Miracle diets deprive us of food and make us feel depressed, which makes us crave junk food. Eat properly and eat for a healthy life.



First of all a rapid weight loss diet is not going to give you the energy and the vitality as a full and healthy diet will. Second, not only is drinking cabbage tea and eating no bread not that much fun, you will soon tire of the limitations and move on.


They Make You Tired

When you do not get enough of the right food, minerals and vitamins that your body needs, you get grumpy. We also get tired, and fatigue is a major side effect of fad diets. Being this tired and grumpy may cause you to fight with your children, husband, and your friends. This is just the best reason to stop it right away.


Muscle Loss

When we are not getting enough of the right foods in our bodies, as an emergency plan our bodies start dipping into valuable stores like muscle. Hectic calorie restriction makes us lose more muscle than fat, which can be difficult to replace at all.


Too Radical

These weird diets are just far too extreme for us or our bodies to manage. The side effects are horrible, we look and feel terrible and just want to sleep, we snap at people and go to bed crying for a bowl of mashed potatoes or a cheeseburger. Not a healthy option if it is negatively affecting your entire life.

Fad diets come and go, but it is a healthy lifestyle that sustains us. Miracle cure diets do harm and can make us put on more weight when they fail. If you have been a quick fix diet which one of these 10 Reasons Fad Diets fail can you relate to?

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