10 Silly Fitness and Diet Stereotypes ...


When I first started making changes to improve my overall health and fitness, I was shocked that so many of my friends and family produced such a variety of diet stereotypes, none of them true, but all of them silly. It took months of my new diet and fitness regimen before they dropped their stereotypical misconceptions! If you’re about to start a new diet or exercise plan, you ought to know what these diet stereotypes are, so you can avoid them… and so you can nip them in the bud if and when someone you know mentions them.

1. If You’re Vegetarian, You’re a Hippie

This is one of my very favorite diet stereotypes, one I hear all the time. I was surprised how many people assumed I was some sort of hippie, Boho chick when I told them I was vegetarian. I’ve never worn or owned any clothing made of hemp, I don’t like the scent of patchouli, I shave my legs every day, and have never smoked a Clove cigarette. See? Not a hippie. And only ONE of my vegetarian friends is a hippie, while the two dozen others are merely hipster-ish. (Full disclosure: I did grow up in rural California, I like to recycle, and I am a tree hugger.)

If You Lift Weights, You’ll Become Manly
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