7 of the Worst Ingredients to Avoid Putting in Your Smoothie if Weight Loss is Your Goal ...


7 of the Worst Ingredients to Avoid Putting in Your Smoothie if Weight Loss is Your Goal ...
7 of the Worst Ingredients to Avoid Putting in Your Smoothie if Weight Loss is Your Goal ...

As someone who raves about smoothies and makes them often, I always like to give a few tips to avoid the worst smoothie ingredients possible for your health, and especially if you’re looking to lose weight. I personally do not use smoothies to lose weight, but know many people that do. I agree that whole food smoothies are much better than liquid diets that are lacking in whole foods, vitamins and minerals, but if you’re going to watch your weight while drinking smoothies, be sure you aren’t using the worst smoothie ingredients possible. Many people make the mistake of using ingredients they might see in a smoothie recipe online or in a magazine, etc. While these might taste good, they might not be the best for your waistline!

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Sugar Sugar in any processed form is one of the worst smoothie ingredients to use of all. Avoid all juices in smoothies, even if they are 100% fruit juice. These are not healthy sources of fruit and they’ll only hinder your weight loss goals. If you’re using powders, like superfoods, protein powders, or even nondairy milks and yogurts etc., look to be sure refined sugars or sugars like evaporated cane juice, cane syrup, cane solids, brown rice syrup, molasses, etc. aren’t being added. While some of these are not as bad as others, they are all calorically the same as sugar, and will raise your blood sugar just like the white stuff, along with hinder your weight loss.


Sugar is one of the worst ingredients to put in a smoothie if weight loss is your goal. Not only is it high in calories, but it can also raise your blood sugar levels, which can lead to weight gain and other health issues. Even if you are using 100% fruit juice, it should be avoided as it is not a healthy source of fruit and can still hinder your weight loss.

When using powders in your smoothies, such as superfoods, protein powders, or nondairy milks and yogurts, be sure to check the ingredients list for any added sugars. This includes sugar in any processed form, such as evaporated cane juice, cane syrup, cane solids, brown rice syrup, molasses, etc. These are all calorically the same as sugar and can still affect your weight loss goals.


Too Much Fruit

Too Much Fruit Fruit is such a healthy food, but when you pile your smoothie with over one cup of fruit, you’re taking in a large amount of sugar, natural or not. Calories from sugar are not used as efficiently to burn fat and build muscle like those in protein, healthy fats and fiber. Keep fruit to a max of one cup per smoothie, and optimally, fill it with fruits that are low sugar, like berries or acai pulp puree. I also recommend filling your smoothie with mostly raw leafy greens and less fruit overall. Use liquid stevia, which is calorie-free and less refined, to sweeten it.


Too Much Nut Butter

Too Much Nut Butter Nut butters are some of my favorite foods, but they increase the calories quickly in a smoothie! Use 1 tbsp. per smoothie for best results if weight loss is your goal. Also, instead of nut butters, try using chia, hemp and flax seeds, which are full of the same healthy fats, but contain large amounts of fiber to aid in elimination and blood sugar regulation.


Whole Fat Yogurt

Whole Fat Yogurt Nonfat, unsweetened yogurt is not a bad thing to put in smoothies, nor is plain, unsweetened nondairy yogurts like organic soy, coconut or almond based yogurts. Yet, if you’re going to add yogurt, make sure it is nonfat if it is from a dairy source, and all forms of yogurt should be unsweetened and plain. The fats in dairy-based yogurts are mostly animal saturated fats, which you want to avoid. Any sugars in yogurt should only come from the milk in dairy yogurts, and no refined sugars in nondairy alternatives. Pick the plain version of any yogurt you buy for best results.


Unhealthy Protein Powders

Unhealthy Protein Powders I add protein powders to my smoothies, but use raw and organic forms of protein powders, not processed ones that have artificial sweeteners, MSG, dairy, soy, isolates, additives, added sodium, etc. that aren’t necessary in a smoothie. My favorite brands include Garden of Life Raw Meal and Raw Protein, Sunwarrior Natural Warrior Blend protein and Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Protein Powder. All of these are raw, vegan, organic and contain only the best ingredients possible. They also keep me full and stabilize my blood sugar much better than unhealthier brands and forms on the market.


Fiberless Carbs

Fiberless Carbs Carbs are not something you need to avoid completely, but if you’re adding them to a smoothie, be sure most of the carb content comes from fiber, not sugar or starch. Drinking your calories automatically requires less of your metabolism than eating calories does, so you want to be careful that any carbs you’re drinking aren’t nutrient-less carbs, which will be stored directly as fat. Use fiber-rich carbs like chia seeds, flax seeds, brown rice protein powder, hemp seeds or hemp protein, leafy greens, low sugar fruits in one cup amounts and one tablespoon of nuts and seeds. These sources of carbs are full of nutrients and their carb content contains a high amount of fiber, not starch or sugar.


Dairy Milk

Dairy Milk When purchasing milk to go in your smoothie, buy nondairy if weight loss is your goal. Even if you’re not lactose intolerant, dairy milk is higher in calories and can stall weight loss for many people since it is also higher in sugar than unsweetened nondairy milks are. Preferably, make your own almond milk or coconut milk at home, but for convenience, buy unsweetened nondairy milks, which are very low in calories and have no sugar.

Making smoothies is one of my favorite things to do, but I want them to be healthy for me and I want yours to be healthy for you! What’s your favorite thing to put in your healthy smoothies?

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Thank you for this! I love smoothies and know most of these things and avoid them. I did not think about the excessive fruit though. Thank u!

Too much fruittt ???

Any suggestions on a special kind of blender?

Hey Brenda I like smoothie too

UNSWEETED MILK?? What kind of country do you live in where you must check if your milk has added sugar???

Even having too much fruit isn't good for you.. Ugh.

Too much fruit? As a fruitarian I can tell you there is no such thing.

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