10 Outrageously Gassy Foods to Avoid on a Date ...

By Jennifer

Gassy foods can ruin an otherwise perfect day, turning your dream date into a nightmare scenario… is a date really the place to burp or worse, fart, because you didn’t know which foods on the menu were gassy foods? Oh girl, I can tell you from first-hand experience, there’s nothing worse. So, if you’ve never had a gassy food faux pas while on a date, allow me to intervene before the inevitable happens, and save you some embarrassment. Here are 10 outrageously gassy foods to avoid on a date.

1 Broccoli

Broccoli is incredibly healthy to eat, and it shows up in a lot of dishes, but wow, can it give you gas! Check the menu carefully for broccoli in pasta dishes and in soup… and especially avoid it in raw form, as it can be even harder for your body to digest, causing even more gas.

2 Cabbage

This is my number one nightmarishly gassy food. It does me wrong, every time, especially when it’s cooked; I don’t’ know why. Cole slaw might be okay, but sauerkraut is a disaster. Avoid cabbage on a date til you know what it will do to you.

3 Beans

We all learned, as children, that beans are a «magical» fruit that makes you «toot,» so, yes, this is another gassy food to avoid on a date. They show up in a lot of soups, so look out for them in all their gas-inducing forms: kidney beans, pinto beans, even the harmless-looking navy bean.

4 Apples

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but for some people, they also keep the dates away. When eaten raw, they can cause mild to severe burping, which is a shame… they’re so sweet and tasty! Some restaurants may try to sneak this gassy food into salads, and definitely into desserts… keep a wary eye out for it!

5 Onions

I wouldn’t recommend eating onions on a date anyway, since they can give you wretchedly bad breath, but did you know they can also cause painful gas? Some experts recommend eating them cooked, rather than raw, to avoid the gas issue, but either way, be careful… and bring a breath mint!

6 Cheese

Lactose tolerance is genetic, and if you don’t have the gene that allows you to digest dairy, then you may suffer from debilitating, painful gas if you eat or drink it. If you’re not sure if you can eat or drink dairy, avoid it on a date.

7 Prunes

I love prunes (lately called «dried plums») but wow, can they cause gas! This is one of the gassiest of the gassy foods. They’re loaded with fiber, and are quite good for your digestion, but beware of eating them before or during a date!

8 Bell Peppers

Bell peppers show up in a lot of tempting entrees, including fajitas and salads and pasta dishes, but they can cause pretty bad gas, so you may want to avoid these, too. Some people swear they can eat the red and orange and yellow varieties, and that only the green belle peppers cause gas, but don’t tempt fate and experiment with this during a date.

9 Hot Peppers!

Hot peppers, and spicy food in general, can also be gassy foods, so you may want to avoid them on a date, too. I know, I know… you like your salsa spicy, but girl, is it worth the risk of an ill-timed toot? Probably not…

10 Soda

If you’re more worried about gas in the attic, not the basement, then you will also want to avoid drinking carbonated beverages, including soda. Doesn’t it seem like soda’s been specifically designed to be delicious, but also to make you burp?

With so many gassy foods to avoid on a date, it seems like there’s very little you CAN eat or drink without risk… but remember, not all of these foods will have the same effect on everyone… experiment at home to learn which of these gassy foods irritate your tummy, and which don’t bother you at all. Really, a «gas incident» won’t scare off a truly great guy, but it will make him giggle, and embarrass you a little, so why risk it, right? Which of these gassy foods bugs you, and which can you eat without a problem? Or is there another food that causes gas you think I ought to add to my list? Do tell… please!

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