7 Reasons You Can't Stop Binging at Night ...


7 Reasons You Can't Stop Binging at Night ...
7 Reasons You Can't Stop Binging at Night ...

I chose to write about reasons you can’t stop binging because it is an issue many of you know is very personal to me, and one I discuss a great deal on The Soulful Spoon, my blog about recovery from an eating disorder. I don’t keep it a secret that binging is something I suffered from after recovering from a ten year battle with binging, orthorexia, and anorexia. I suffered a total of 15 years in the imprisonment of my disorder, and now, my goal is to reach out to other to help them too. Surprisingly, I’ve received numerous emails from readers on All Women Stalk that said they have the same issue as I did with binging, and so I thought it was important to write more about why you can’t seem to stop binging. Binging can occur at any time of the day, but nighttime seems to be a time most of us are prone to indulge in this unhealthy behavior. The reason isn’t as simple as just losing control, as I’ll show you below. Check out the reasons you can’t stop binging, no matter what you try. I hope it provides some insight, and if nothing else, understanding from someone’s who been there and beaten it - twice.

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You’re Trying to Numb

One of the top reasons you can’t stop binging at night is because there’s something you’re trying to numb inside. Perhaps a feeling, a bad emotion, or even a stress that someone else brought into your life. For me, it was a combination of those things. I could be having a great day, and then someone bring up something that brought back bad memories for me. I also struggled with financial stress, which was a huge reason I binged. To stop myself from thinking about those things, I ate. Or, if I was going through a rough patch in my life, I’d eat to stop the bad feelings, to the point of being sick. Try to find out what you’re trying NOT to feel. Believe it or not, that’s the thing you should focus on the most. Whatever it is you’re trying to numb yourself from, write it out instead. Writing down my feelings was one of the best things I ever did to recover, and quite possibly, the only thing that worked when nothing else did. Writing can be incredibly cleansing, and helps you become aware of just what it is you’re stressed about. It also lowers your stress, just by releasing it on paper.


You’re Hungry

Seriously, this sounds simple, but are you? Did you eat a full dinner? A good breakfast and a healthy lunch? If you didn’t, you’re most likely going to binge at night. Even though I never wanted to during my recovery, I made myself eat properly portioned meals. Breakfast was the hardest, so I started with simple things like an omelet, or a smoothie. If you need to wait an hour after you get up, fine, but have something for breakfast, and keep it higher in protein than starchy carbs. This can keep your blood sugar even throughout the day and even promote healthy brain function, preventing depression that leads to binging. Make lunch filling, and eat an afternoon snack. Also be sure to eat dinner, and once again, make protein and veggies the star components of your meal. Don’t leave out healthy fats in moderation either. They promote healthy brain function, and can even help you stop binging.


You’re Addicted to a Food

This was the main reason I couldn’t stop binging in the latter days of my recovery. For me, and actually many other people I know, my binge foods were nut butter, gluten-free cereal and Larabars. I don’t know why, but those three “healthy” foods were T-R-O-U-B-L-E for me. My body was craving better sources of protein than I was giving it, along with healthy fats, which is why I was addicted to the satiating power of nut butter. The nights I spent in pain over eating half to a whole jar are still heart-wrenching for me. I only intended to have a tablespoon or two before bed, and I promised myself that I would not eat more, but I always did. The cereal went bowl, by bowl, by bowl, until the box was gone, and the nights I’ve woken up to see WAY too many Larabar wrappers in my trashcan are far too many. The high sugar and high carbs in these two “health” foods, were addicting to me. Sure, they weren’t refined sugar, and the cereal was a healthier kind, but it was still sugar to my body, and too many carbs. Carbs are addicting to the body, along with fat. We need fat and carbs, but we need to be choosy about which ones we eat, and how they react in us. Every food we eat triggers reactions in the body. They both trigger dopamine production in the body, the hormone that makes you almost feel high. It’s the same chemical released when we eat chocolate. It is hard to stop eating foods that trigger dopamine, because it's completely addicting. When you eat a dopamine-rich food, combined with starchy carbs, sugar, and fatty foods that raise the blood sugar and mess up hunger levels, overeating almost always happens. Get rid of the foods that cause addiction for you. Yours may be different than mine, but they aren’t doing you any favors whatever they are. If there comes a day you can add them back, great, but for now, quit buying them and torturing yourself.


Your Hormones Are Changing

Another reason many women have a hard time with binging is because they’re struggling with hormonal changes. These changes can come during recovery, or anytime during a woman’s life. Most often, any time binging feels out of control, no matter what you eat, or what foods you get rid of as mentioned above, hormones are to blame. This is one of the most difficult things to understand, and one issue that took me over a year to work through. It was incredibly hard for me, and I actually decided to start eating animal protein from fish, plain Greek yogurt, and eggs, even though I wanted to remain vegan. Something wasn’t working for me, no matter what I tried. I tried every superfood out there, and some did help, such as maca powder and hemp protein, which I do recommend for hormonal balance. Yet, until I added wild fish, plain yogurt, and organic eggs to my meals, my binging wouldn’t stop. My nerves were out of control, I was always anxious, and always hungry. These foods contain nutrients and a highly bio-available source of amino acids that work wonders for your hormones. I do not eat meat, but have chosen to keep fish and eggs in my diet because of their effects on hormones. Food isn’t the only thing you can do for your hormones, however. Doing more low key exercises like walking and yoga also help. Intense exercise can stress you out, and can cause a hormonal imbalance. I recommend doing more calming exercises that will still tone your body and balance your blood sugar. These exercises are great to fight depression, and hormonal changes. I do them daily and have been binge free for 2 years with all the changes I recommend in this article.


You’re Diet Confused

I struggled so much with finding the “perfect” diet to heal me, and was left a mess in the meantime. I read every book, every blog, every article I could get my hands on. I spent two years in turmoil until I realized I was so confused about what I should eat according to someone else, I wasn’t listening to my own body. There came a point, when I went to the fridge and would spend 30 minutes trying to figure out what was the "right" thing to eat. I was "diet confused" and obsessed, to the point I feared most all foods. Vegan, or not vegan? Carbs, or no carbs? Organic, or not? Grains, or not? I was a mess! This is when I packed up every book I had, and quit reading food blogs for a year. I started eating in a way that I had eaten since ten years back, when I conquered a seizure issue, caused by sugar addiction. The diet was high protein, rich in leafy greens and veggies, moderate healthy fats, and lower in glycemic spiking carbs. This is the same way I eat today because it worked for me. I tried all kinds of foods, ranging from eggs, fish, Greek yogurt, all leafy greens, all vegetables outside of potatoes, and still kept my superfoods since I loved them. I realized my gut didn't digest grains or beans and legumes well, along with fruit. I had to listen to my body, instead of following what everyone else was doing.This may not be the perfect diet for you, but for me, those foods worked well, physically, hormonally and balanced my emotions. I also ate plenty of healthy fats from avocados, coconuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds and flax seeds. Balancing your brain chemistry is where everything has to begin and you can’t become so obsessed with finding the perfect diet that you lose touch with your body’s cues to you.


You’re Stressed

Obviously, we all probably know that being stressed leads to binging. That’s no secret, but it is an issue you need to take action with now, to prevent heartache later. Stress can come up at any moment, and if you aren’t aware that it can overtake you before you’re able to get a hold of yourself, you will most likely binge. It is so important to balance your blood sugar, and have an outlet when you’re stressed. Often times for me, I would get angsty at work, or come home really stressed from work, and binge. I started adding more calcium to my diet through Greek yogurt, and fortified almond milk to calm my nerves. I also ate a square of 100% dark chocolate every single day, which is rich in magnesium that calms the nerves. I also take magnesium supplements twice a day, along with GABA supplements before bed, to fight emotional stress and insomnia. My life has changed with the addition of these actions. I also get plenty of protein to balance my blood sugar, and enough fiber from seeds, veggies and greens, and some nuts in moderation. Stress is a reaction to external sources, but is an internal issue. You’ve got to fight stress from within, so you never feel that “crazy” feeling coming over you. Also, be sure to watch your intake of caffeine, which can stress your adrenals out, causing the same issue.


You’re Lonely

Lastly, have you ever considered you might be lonely if you can’t stop binging? If this sounds hokey, just hold on a minute. Truly, food is one of the most comforting things we have access to. It calms us, and induces the same feelings and chemical reactions as love does. If you’re lonely, then food might be what you’re turning to, no matter how full you are. Boredom is another probably cause, but most likely, if you’ve secluded yourself from any friends, family, or lost someone special in your life, binging can become your go-to solace. I don’t suggest you get a boyfriend just for the sake of having one, but you do need to find someone to talk to. I reached out to a parent, and got an accountability partner through email who I would email and get insight from. No, it wasn’t the same as having a tight group of friends or life partner, but for me at the time, it did help to talk to someone when I was so embarassed of who I had become. If you’re truly lonely and turning to food, you’ve got to find an outlet. You can also feel free to contact me through my blog, The Soulful Spoon if you need help as well at : soulfulspoon.com. I may not have all the answers, and am not a doctor or therapist, but I have walked in your shoes, and am always there for email correspondence should you need any.

If you suffer from binging, I know it is embarrassing. Night binging is one of the most common eating disorders among women today. Though overeating is natural for some of us from time to time, it doesn’t have to lead to a binging cycle. You’re the first step in breaking your own cycle, and you can do it, I promise. If you’re brave enough to speak out, what do you feel might be the reason you binge?

Sources: soulfulspoon.com

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I'm doing it now because my crush just got a girlfriend...

It's true but let's face it ladies ..... We can't stop and we won't stop like miley....

or you're a night shift worker...

Thanks ,a lot!!

I think these all sort of apply to me, but lonely and trying to numb do most...I feel like I always seclude myself from everyone. I cant really say i have close friends. It really sucks because i always feel sick. Why can't i stop?

I agree

loneliness get me too. and i would binge on cereal a lot. and cereal bars

Very true

Loneliness and heartache make me binge.

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