Important Need to Know Facts for Women Starting the Alkaline Diet ...


Important Need to Know Facts for Women Starting the Alkaline Diet ...
Important Need to Know Facts for Women Starting the Alkaline Diet ...

When you choose to do the Alkaline Diet, you are choosing a way of eating that is designed to balance your body's pH levels. Balanced levels can help to prevent a wide range of health problems, according to experts. If you're anything like me, you definitely want to be as healthy as possible and you know that the foods you eat play a big role in this. If you're considering the Alkaline Diet, here's what you need to know before you get started.

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The Best Alkaline Foods to Eat

Coincidentally, many of the recommended foods for the alkaline diet are those that are healthy anyway. By including a variety of foods from each food group into your diet, you ensure adequate intake of the nutrients you need to stay healthy. However, if you're following an alkaline eating plan you want to focus on foods that are said to help balance your pH. They are as follows: plant proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, alkaline water, green drinks and raw foods, including meats.


Foods You Can't Eat

Like any other diet, this alkaline way of eating means avoiding certain foods. Not only can these items skew the balance of your pH, but some of them are high in fat and calories and don't make a healthy choice for anyone's meal plan. When you're eating alkaline, avoid eggs, processed meats, lentils, milk, cereal, oats, wheat, peanuts, walnuts, pasta, rice, bread, caffeine and alcohol.


Cutting out Whole Food Groups

As you can see by the list of foods to stay away from, you could be avoiding an entire food group here and there. Most doctors will tell you that you shouldn't do this unless there is a medical reason for it. If you do decide to try the Alkaline Diet, be sure you talk it over with your doctor first to prevent the risk of nutrient deficiencies.


There Are Lots of Potential Benefits

Every diet you come across is going to promise you the moon. While the Alkaline Diet might not be the miracle you've been hoping for, there are some definite health perks to the plan. Research shows that balancing your pH levels can cut the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, pain and inflammation and cancer. It can also boost nutrient absorption within your body.


There Are Also Some Risks

Like all diets, there are some risks to think about before you decide to follow the Alkaline Diet. Like I mentioned before, cutting food groups sets you up for a nutrient deficiency. In addition, certain foods, when eaten raw, can make you very sick. People who have diabetes or kidney problems should not follow this style of eating. Anyone who is considering it should see a doctor first.


Will You Lose Weight?

In addition to wanting to balance your pH levels, perhaps you want to follow the Alkaline Diet as a way to drop some excess weight. The potential is there since many of the foods you are allowed to eat are low in fat and calories. Some experts say that alkaline foods can also help balance hunger hormones to keep appetite at bay. The bottom line - you could lose some weight, but there is no guarantee.


How to Shop for Food

One of the top tips for eating alkaline is to choose organic foods whenever possible. That's because these foods are more likely to have a good pH from the soil they were grown in. Choose as much variety as you can to optimize nutrient intake.

Are you considering the Alkaline Diet? If you've already tried it, what can you share?

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Ummmm I don't think it's ridiculous. There is a large range of scientific evidence that animal products are not healthy! I went vegan recently and have never felt better!

As a dietitian, I can easily say that this diet is an epic fail. Cutting out eats, milk, beans, meat and so on is extraordinarily unhealthy, not to mention ridiculous.


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