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There’s no reason why you have to give up a burger just because you are trying to eat healthy. There are lots of ways to make your weekly trek to the burger joint without wrecking your diet. A burger can actually be a healthy choice as beef is loaded with protein, iron and B vitamins. You have to be careful about how it’s served though or you could easily wreck all your goals. Here’s how to have that burger you’re craving without feeling any guilt later.

1. Order Your Patty on a Whole Wheat Bun

This little trick will help satisfy your appetite and keep you feeling full for longer. Why? Because whole wheat buns contain more fiber than refined white ones. Fiber digests slowly so you can fill up on a burger and keep yourself from shoveling in junky snacks before your next meal. This little trick works at home too!

Pile Your Burger with Veggies
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