7 Healthy Fast Foods to Opt for ...


7 Healthy Fast Foods to Opt for ...
7 Healthy Fast Foods to Opt for ...

Healthy Fast Foods may seem hard to find, but if you know how to count calories, and what to avoid, they are out there! While it's best to avoid typical fast foods when you can, I know that's neither practical nor logical. Sometimes, you just have to get a quick meal! For every one of your favorite fast food places, there are a couple of healthy fast foods. Don’t believe me? Keep reading! Here are 7 (relatively) healthy fast foods to opt for.

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McDonald’s Premium Caesar or Asian Salad

Calories per serving: 140
In recent years, McDonald's has actually put a lot of healthy fast foods on its menu, although with the standard favorites. Still, though, you have to be careful about how you order even the healthy options. For instance, with this choice, if you’re not including the chicken or dousing the salad in dressing, it can be very healthy fast food. It’s also very tasty! I especially like the Asian salad… yum!


Burger King Tendergrill Garden Salad

Calories per serving: 350
Women can’t live on lettuce and tomato alone… so another healthy fast food choice is this salad from Burger King. Normally I wouldn’t call anything with this many calories “healthy” but for fast food, it’s not bad. I like it because it has three types of cheese, and because you can choose from two of the delicious Ken’s fat-free or low-cal salad dressings.


Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Go Wrap

Calories per serving: 260
Lots of fast food restaurants are now offering healthy fast foods, and wraps are a popular choice. I love these little wraps! They’re the same high-quality, tasty grilled chicken you’ve come to adore from Wendy’s, only cut into little strips, then wrapped in a tortilla shell with lettuce and cheese. If you really want to save calories, cut out the cheese and honey mustard sauce to save another 70 calories.


Sonic Corn Dog

Calories per serving: 210
I know what you’re thinking. And yes, I agree. Corn dogs are not a healthy option, but compared to the rest of Sonic’s menu (including their veggie burger), this is relatively low-cal and low-fat. So if Sonic is your only option, then opt for the corn dog… and expect to do another half-hour on the treadmill.


Taco Bell Fresco Crunchy Taco

Calories per serving: 92
I am hopelessly addicted to Taco Bell, and believe it or not, they do have some surprisingly healthy fast food choices. This yummy crunchy taco is such a healthy fast food option, I’m now guilt-free when I indulge my Taco Bell craving. The entire Fresco menu, called the Drive-Thru Diet, is loaded with healthful options… check it out!


KFC Hot Wings

Calories per serving: 70
I love hot wings, and the ones at KFC are particularly good. They’re spicy, meaty, and among the healthier fast food options on their menu. As long as you’re not piling on the smashed potatoes or adding a biscuit, they’re a reasonable choice.


Long John Silver’s Grilled Tilapia Filet

Calories per serving: 110
For a long time, you couldn't get a lot of healthy fast foods at Long John Silver's, but times have changed. Yum! Grilled fish can be a really healthy fast food option, and it’s fast and easy from Long John Silver’s. It’s not as healthy as you would make at home, but as fast food goes, it’s not a bad choice!

See? For every one of your favorite fast food restaurants, there’s something relatively healthy on the menu — there are some healthy fast foods to opt for! I especially love the salads and that tilapia filet from Long John Silver’s is pretty darn good! Which of these (relatively) healthy fast foods do you like best, and why? Do tell! More and more restaurants are including healthy fast foods as options, and we all need to know where to go and what to get there!

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My experience has been that eating to create specific hormone responses can initiate significant fat burning.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying ANY fast food is all-out a healthy choice, but if you have to eat it, these are your best bets.

While the party-line from mainstream medicine currently encourages lowfcal/lowfatat as = healthy food, some of us look for different things. Many find it MUCH more effective to eat to eliminate the body's need, release, and use of the hormone insulin, also known as 'low-carb'. I evaluate primarily for grams of non-fiber carbs equal to or less than grams of protein. Total carbs, proteins, and calories for the meal also count because eating to excess at a sitting will also trigger insulin release even if the food itself will not (such as a 20 oz steak -eat 1/5 or 1/4 if very hungry, and save the rest for 3-4 more meals). Most fastfoods fail at low-carb also, but each chain does have a few good choices or choices which can be brought into line easily, ie; toss half the bun (2/3 of a double-decker like the Big-Mac) and trade the fries for a side salad works for many burgers if you watch the salad dressing for carbs (many are mostly sugar or corn syrup). Fat content is mostly irrelevant to this and even preferable (especially in salad dressing) , to sugars and starches.

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