7 Harmful Effects of Yoyo Dieting ...

By Jordin

The effects of yoyo dieting can wreak havoc on more than just a person’s body. Your emotional health as well as those around you can be affected too! Yoyo dieting seems to be the easy answer for losing weight. Eat strict for a few weeks, lose 10 pounds, look great, then go back to eating what you want. However, this isn’t the answer to losing the weight AND staying healthy! Please read on to learn a few harmful effects of yoyo dieting and reasons why you should steer clear of it!

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Excess Weight Gain

One of the harmful effects of yoyo dieting is that you may gain more weight once you stop dieting. Sometime you can put on more weight than when you first started dieting! The vicious cycle of on-again off-again dieting tells your body that you are starving. This encourages your body to hold on to and store fat. You are better off choosing a healthy lifestyle with an occasional sweet than to diet strictly and then eat however you please until the next diet.


Unhealthy Cycle

Yoyo dieting is simply an unhealthy cycle. Your body needs nutrition, and well-balanced meals. Many yoyo dieters go back and forth between eating healthy servings of veggies and fruits to donuts, candies, and pies. This is unhealthy on many levels, including physically, mentally, and emotionally. Food can be a powerful hold in life that is hard to get a grip on.


Possible Eating Disorder

The Mayo Clinic states that yoyo dieting could be a sign of someone with an eating disorder. How is your relationship with food? Do you binge eat? Do you go on purges often? Yoyo dieting doesn’t absolutely mean that you have an eating disorder, but it could be a step in that direction, so please be aware.


Emotional Havoc

Yoyo diets can play emotional train wreck with your mind. We all feel better when we’re down 10 pounds, but are you willing to sacrifice your emotional state of mind for that goal? You may have loved ones who are also affected by the weight cycle you go through, and the emotions that it burdens you with.


Possible Health Problems

It’s not been proven, but there are theories out for the jury that places some health problems under the category of yoyo dieting. A few of the main issues that doctors wonder about stemming from yoyo dieting are heart problems, thyroid issues, and osteoporosis.

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Lackluster Skin and Hair

Did you know that yoyo dieting can contribute to less-than-glowing hair, skin, and nails? This is because many crash diets are sorely lacking the nutrients and vitamins needed to achieve healthy skin and hair. Maintaining healthy eating habits can keep your skin looking smooth and gorgeous and put that shine back into your hair!


Unhealthy Relationship with Food

Lets face it! We can all be tied down by food at some time or another. Whether it’s emotional eating, or just plain temptation, we all succumb every now and then. While the occasional indulgence is okay, yoyo dieting however, is not and should be avoided. Yoyo diets encourage unhealthy relationships with food. Take charge of your health and stop the weight cycle!

Yoyo dieting can be a tough cycle to break. If you find yourself bouncing back and forth between strict dieting and eating lots of sweets and fatty foods, don’t despair! You can overcome and transition into a healthy lifestyle with a little work. Have you ever been a victim of yoyo dieting?

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Simply an amazing article. I really needed somebody to show me a clear picture. Nobody cud hav done better den dis. I m perpetually on a yo yo diet. Thanx a ton sweetheart. I hope this helps.:(

Could you give some advice as to how to gain weight the right way?

Good advice and tips! I definitely have been a victim of yoyo dieting and have felt the pull recently to gravitate toward that mindset. Understanding that I put too high of standards for myself, helped me to break that dieting pattern once again. :D

Thank you!