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7 Weight Loss Opportunities in Your Diet You Might Be Missing out on ...

By Heather

When you’re looking to lose a little or a lot of weight, be sure you’re aware of these weight loss opportunities you might be missing out on in your diet. There are some secret, hidden, and usually just overlooked weight loss opportunities in everyone’s diet most of the time. By unlocking these little secrets, you’ll be thinner in just a few weeks. Check them out and let me know if you have any too.

1 Cooking Oils

One of the weight loss opportunities you might be missing out on is what type of cooking oil you use. Do you use olive oil? If so, those precious fats in olive oil are ruined by high heat. Be sure you’re not undoing your efforts and use coconut oil or avocado oil, which are heat stable. Olive oil turns rancid in high heat and acts in the body just like trans fats do. This will hinder your weight loss unless you cook on low temps with olive oil. Just switch to coconut oil or avocado instead, and those fats can be used as fuel, not stored as fat.

2 Use Water to Saute

Another trick you can use while cooking on your stove top is to saute your veggies in water instead of oil at all. Just put about 2 inches of water in your pan, and saute! Add a little seasoning so it doesn’t taste bland.

3 Use Mrs. Dash

I’m such a huge fan of Mrs. Dash products because they add tons of flavor with no salt or MSG. All the flavors can be used in so many ways. Try them on everything from eggs, to rice, to grilled veggies, fish and, more. By slashing sodium, you’re lowering your blood pressure, which can trigger excess weight loss. You’ll also enhance the flavor of your foods, so you’re less likely to reach for fatty or sugary foods to give you flavor instead.

4 Spice It up

One easy way to satisfy you appetite quicker while looking to lose weight is to spice things up! Add red pepper flakes, cayenne, chili powder, etc. to eggs, protein dishes, veggies, or anything else. It really heats up your metabolism, and helps satisfy your cravings.

5 Rolled Oats

I hope you’re not still eating instant or quick oats. If so, switch to rolled oats. I like Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Extra Thick Rolled Oats. Rolled oatmeal is a wonderful weight loss tool most people overlook. Not only does it make a weight loss friendly breakfast, but it’s also a perfect flour replacement in baking recipes. Oats have more protein than quinoa per serving, have more B vitamins, and more fiber. They’re also incredible for satiating your appetite, and rolled oats slow down blood sugar surges in comparison to instant or quick oats. If you like steel cut oats, go for those too.

6 Use Berries, Not Bananas

Are you eating smoothies and using bananas in all of them? If so, switch to berries instead of bananas for a lower sugar content, and more fiber. Plus, berries have been linked to abdominal weight loss, while bananas have been found to increase glycemic levels, and even lead to weight gain in excess. Since smoothies are blended, you want to keep the glycemic index as low as possible because they are digested quicker, and will spike your blood sugar if they are high in sugar. Using lower sugar fruits like berries is the best way to make that happen without sacrificing nutrients or taste.

7 Add Fiber to It All

Fiber is such an overlooked weight loss tool. You don’t need fiber supplements either. Just use more fiber-rich foods. I add flaxseed to oatmeal and smoothies, chia seeds and hemp seeds to smoothies, I add oat bran to oatmeal, cook high fiber vegetables, and even include it in a snack whenever I can. Fiber decreases your appetite, enhances fat burning, removes fat from the bloodstream and digestive tract, and keeps you fuller longer. It also keeps you regular, which is key to good weight loss. I do advise avoiding fiber from beans and legumes at first if you’re sensitive to fiber. They can really do a number on a testy tummy!

Drinking water and exercising are also important, but don’t forget these little overlooked weight loss opportunities in your diet either. I hope you’re already eating a low sugar diet, free of processed and fast food too. If not, be sure you do to kick that weight loss into high gear, along with your health! What weight loss opportunity in your diet might help the rest of us?

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