7 Creative Ways to Cut out White Sugar from Your Diet ...


7 Creative Ways to Cut out White Sugar from Your Diet ...
7 Creative Ways to Cut out White Sugar from Your Diet ...

Figuring out the ways to cut out white sugar from your diet isn't as challenging as you may think! White sugar is the most common sweetener used in drinks, food and baked goods. Granulated sugar, the most popular form of white sugar, is a crystalline sucrose harvested from sugarcane, which is then boiled to form crystallized table sugar. This refined form of sugar is terrible for your heath- just to name a few, it contributes to obesity, heart disease, shorter life span, cancer, and an increase in appetite. Here are some ways to cut out white sugar from your diet that could prove very beneficial!

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Use Natural Sweeteners Instead

One of the most obvious ways to cut out white sugar is using sugar alternatives in your prepared food. It's pretty easy to substitute natural sweeteners for things in which you would normally use white sugar. There is honey and agave nectar, raw sugar, coconut sugar, etc. Try to avoid fake sugar, however, like Equal and Splenda, because they contain aspartame, which is a known carcinogen. The only tricky part is using white sugar alternatives for baked goods, but generally speaking you can find baking substitutes that work well.


Eat Whole Grains Instead of White

Refined carbohydrates like white pasta, white bread, bagels and flour are not only bleached and devoid of nutrition, they are converted to sugar in your body. Have you ever experienced a mega crash after eating a simple carb? I do every time, especially pasta! Instead, substitute whole grains for whites, like whole grain pasta, whole wheat or multigrain bread, and whole wheat or coconut flour.


Fruit is Your Best Friend

Do you crave sugar? You probably have some form of a sugar addiction. I have a sweet tooth for sure and have found that fruit, which contains natural sugar, works at satisfying that sweet tooth while providing your body with adequate vitamins and nutrients. Frozen fruit is even good for a little treat! I love frozen grapes and blueberries.


Remove Visible Temptations

If you struggle with sugar consumption and processed foods that are loaded with it, a simple fix would be to just not buy it! It's hard at first but your self control at the grocery store will translate into healthier eating habits at home. In a sense, you'll be forced to eat better because your home will be filled with nutritious food instead of sugary, processed junk. Remove the option and you can't overindulge. Of course, treating yourself on occasion is great! No need to go cold turkey, the point is to form better habits!


Make Your Own Salad Dressing

Salad dressings are sneaky. Just when you think you're eating a healthy salad loaded with nutritious goodness, you've almost ruined it by dousing your greens in sugary store-bought dressing. Don't go there- instead you can make your own! You do need a little fat to properly absorb some vitamins in your greens, so think almond accents, avocado, and olive oil!


Make Your Own Granola

Recently I purchased a box of organic granola at my favorite health food store. I was extremely disappointed after the first couple handfuls because of how crazy sweet it was! Then I looked on the box and was even more blown away at the sugar content! Granola and cereals, even the ones that are supposedly healthy, usually contain a lot of sugar. A fun and delicious alternative is to bake your own!


Check All Labels!

Lastly, check all your labels on any pre-packaged foods that you buy. This includes juice, yogurt, protein bars, and crackers! You'd be surprised at how much sugar sneaks in there (especially yogurt, yikes!).

Remember that eliminating an entire food is nearly impossible and usually results in binge eating or just giving up. Give yourself a reward day to eat whatever the heck you want (within reason!) without guilt. It will give you something to look forward to after all your dedication! What are some ways you've cut out white sugar from your diet?

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I like the fact that the tips here are realistic and backed up by facts. Thanks a lot !

Fruits are definitely my best friend <3

I use honey in my tea tastes much better and more healthier :)

ladies! Agave is not better for you. It is actually just as bad as regular table sugar. If you're interested in finding out more about this, pick up Allure's January 2014 issue. I was blindsided too! They really opened my eyes about sugars.

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