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Do you envy those glamorous French models in fashion magazines, but wonder what French diet tips they use to stay trim and in shape? Contrary to popular belief, French models don’t starve themselves, follow extremely low-calorie diets, or exercise like crazy to look great. They simply practice a few French diet tips that are no-nonsense and practical ways for managing your weight. Check out these simple seven French diet tips to manage your weight and look your best.

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Eat Real Food

One of the most important French diet tips to follow is the emphasis on real food. The French don’t waste their time (or calories) on processed cookies, chips, crackers, or other boxed and packaged foods. These foods simply offer empty calories and no nutritional value. If they really want a burger and fries, they don’t stop at a fast food restaurant. They simply go home and make it for dinner that night. To eat like a Frenchwoman, opt for real, whole foods. Avoid fake processed foods that are only fraught with obscure chemicals and preservatives.


Put Fruits and Veggies First

Another characteristic the French employ in their eating habits is emphasizing fruits and vegetables as a major part of their diet. A Frenchwoman can easily eat some fruit salad with breakfast, a bed of leafy greens for lunch, and light sautéed veggies for dinner. Fruits and vegetables are some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Full of flavor and vitamins and low in calories, the French are certainly on to something when it comes to fruit and vegetable consumption.


Drink Plenty of Water

French women realize the importance of hydration for maintaining a healthy weight. They also know drinking plenty of water leads to clear radiant skin, better digestion, and a whole host of other health benefits. Strive for at least eight glasses of water per day—even more if you work out. Water is one of the most important beverages to drink when losing weight. Drink up and drink often.


Practice Portion Control

Think that because you ate a cracker for lunch you eat can that entire fudge brownie for dessert? The French certainly don’t think this way. Instead of ‘saving calories’ only to indulge on ginormous portions, the French pace themselves and practice portion control throughout the day. They might eat a modest breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of no breakfast, barely any lunch, and enough food to feed the state of Texas for dinner. When embarking on your own personal food journey, try to ride the even road of moderation and practice portion control.


Go for Whole Grains

I’d be lying if I said the French didn’t love their bread. After all, they don’t call it ‘French Bread’ for no reason. Remember the baguettes and rolls you buy in the United States aren’t quite the same bread you’d find in France. The French are adamant about whole grains and freshness. Many bakers grind their own wheat into flour every morning. This is a big difference compared to the refined flours and carbs we eat in America. When shopping for breads, pastas, rice, and other starches, go for whole grain options with plenty of fiber. These foods will keep you fuller longer, ultimately helping you eat fewer calories and manage your weight better.


Consume Moderate Amounts of Fat

Many food gurus and nutritionists blame the focus on fat as the reason why Americans struggle with obesity. While fat was once considered the enemy, new research indicates that moderate amounts of fat aren’t dangerous and could actually promote weight loss. The French practice this belief by wisely choosing fats to incorporate in their meals. They don’t completely drown their food in fat, but they also aren’t afraid of a little olive oil drizzled on their potatoes. Apply this practice to your own diet by moderately consuming healthy fats. Plant-based fats like flax seeds, avocados, and nuts are all great!


Enjoy Each and Every Bite

The final French diet tip is perhaps one of the most important. The French are notorious for savoring and truly enjoying their food. Even something as simple as a cheese sandwich is prepared and eaten with love. With all the rigid rules for dieting, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to stay on track and resist temptation. That’s why the French periodically introduce treats like sweets and salty snacks into their diet. They realize these foods aren’t good for them and don’t eat them all the time. But when they do they savor each and every bite, truly enjoying what they’re eating.

If you’re trying to lose weight, following one or all of these French diet tips could be exactly what you need? The French provide a realistic plan for eating right and reaching then maintaining a healthy weight. What are some of your favorite European and French diet tips to incorporate in your life?

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their bread isn't as healthy as you think but still some very great tips!


Such great tips and they truly work! I studied abroad in france for a semester. I adapted to most of these french eating habits and came back to the states 10 pounds lighter! And that was even after indulging in nutella crêpes and pain au chocolate every other day- and of course all of that wine 🍷

Helpful! Thanks aloy (:

Great article thank you!

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