8 Foods Every Teen Should Avoid ...

By Jennifer

8 Foods Every Teen Should Avoid ...

We all know some foods are healthier than others, but did you know there are a lot of foods you should just straight-up avoid? It’s true! There’s a long list of foods to avoid, from beverages to meats and more. Are your faves on my list? Keep reading! Her are 8 foods every teen should avoid.

1 Soda

It may taste good, and you may even feel addicted, but soda, even diet soda, is terrible for you. One bottle, which is actually two servings, not one, contains about 250 calories, most of which are from high fructose corn syrup. The diet varieties contain nasty chemicals that may cause cancer… and most dark-colored sodas are loaded with caffeine. With all those empty calories, gross chemicals, and jitters-inducing caffeine, this tops my list of foods to avoid.

2 Chips

Loaded with fat and sodium, along with dozens of weird preservatives, corn and potato chips are another food to avoid. They’ll destroy even the most conscientious diet, and since they’re often fried, may cause acne break-outs. Eww! If you must have chips, opt for the all-natural baked kind.

3 Canned/boxed Food

Check the nutrition label on that can of Spaghetti O’s or Hamburger Helper or Easy Mac and you’ll see why anything in a can or box is another food to avoid. They’re full of fat, sodium, and so many chemicals I can’t even pronounce! A good rule of thumb: if you can’t pronounce it, let alone figure out what it is, don’t eat it!

4 Fast Food

Did you know that one fast food value meal (burger, fries, drink) can contain as many calories as you’re supposed to eat in one whole day? Not to mention the high fat content, chemically-processed ingredients, and big potential for food-borne illnesses, like deadly e coli. Avoid fast food… and if you can’t, then opt for something a little healthier, like a salad without dressing or a grilled chicken sandwich without the mayo.

5 White Bread

This is an item people are usually surprised to see on a list of foods to avoid. It’s just bread, right? Nope. White bread is made with flour that’s been, literally, bleached. It’s leeched of nearly every nutrient, then packed with preservatives so it won’t spoil. Opt for natural whole-grain breads instead. They’re tastier, filled with valuable fiber, and aren’t bleached.

6 Frozen Entrees

Just like canned or boxed foods. Most frozen entrees (TV dinners) are loaded with nasty chemicals and lots of fat and sodium. Some aren’t though, so be sure to check labels before you buy.

7 Fruit «cocktail»

Did you know that some fruit juice «cocktails» actually contain more sugar than soda? It’s true! Before you buy or drink, check out the label. On the front, if it says «fruit juice cocktail» rather than «juice,» that’s a bad sign. Also, look at the nutrition label on the side. If one of the ingredients is high fructose corn syrup, stay away. Opt for healthy 100% juice brands instead.

8 Ground Beef

Every time I hear of a deadly e coli outbreak, especially the ones that can be traced back to feces in ground beef, I shudder… how many people ate that poop-laden ground beef and didn’t get sick? A pound of ground beef can contain meat from an average of 55 different cows… and trust me, you do NOT want to know which parts they include in that meat! Buy a cut of beef and ask the butcher to grind it. At least you’ll know which part of the one cow it came from, and how the meat itself was handled, drastically reducing the chances you’ll be eating feces and e coli.

Gross! Now that you’re read my list of foods to avoid, will you ever eat them again? I know it’s hard to give up fast food, and soda tastes so good… but trust me, these are all foods to avoid! Which of these surprised you? Which ones will you give up for sure? Do tell!

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This should be called "What teen eat"

I do not eat/drink any of those foods; I gave them up a while ago! Though, ground beef did surprise me!

Ew. That was disgusting .

Oh wow. Looking through these I realized I don't eat any of that but ground beef. I'll take that out and replace it with chicken and turkey...

hi im 14, 5ft 4 and i went through a stage when i started comfort eating. i have now got stretch marks forming on my inner thigh and down my my knees, do you know if the stretch marks will go or is there enything i can do to get rid of them? please answer thanks!

okay so im 15 and i have a little bit of extra belly..but you can only tell when im bloated or wear tight shirts...other than that i look pretty normal and i have a six pack but im wondering how to lose some of that extra lingering belly that comes when i least expect it to i would like to be confident of my body when i go swimming.... also.... i gain weight really easily...do you think you can help? (p.s im in a fitness class in my school-but it ends in june)

im a 17 year old girl and weigh 150. im wanting to lose weight but dont have time for a gym. i live a extremely busy life so im always eating out. i try to get healthy foods but there is never anything healthy in fast food places or if there is, never anything to fill you up. i need advice!!



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