8 Food Swaps to Help You Lose Weight ...


If you’re trying to lose weight, and find dieting confusing, I can help. Dieting doesn’t have to be difficult; sometimes it just takes a few key food swaps to get you on track and losing weight fast. But which foods to keep, and which to swap? Grab your grocery list and keep reading. Here are 8 food swaps to help you lose weight, without a convoluted, confusing diet plan.

1. Water Instead of Soda

A hydrated body is a healthy body, and a hydrated dieter is less likely to over-eat. But the best hydration comes from water, and most of us are loading up on soda, which is mostly empty calories. Skip the sugar-rich calories and opt for water instead… and if you’re considering swapping regular soda for diet, don’t do it. Diet soda may be lean on calories, but it’s also loaded with nasty chemicals. Make a clean swap, and skip soda in favor of water.

Mixed Fruit Juice Instead of Soda
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