22 Ways to Effortlessly Lose Weight over Summer ...


22 Ways to Effortlessly Lose Weight over Summer ...
22 Ways to Effortlessly Lose Weight over Summer ...

There are many fun, interesting almost painless ways to lose weight in summer without having to sacrifice fun times spent with friends and family. Now, I know for a fact that every girl starts wondering how to lose weight at some point of her life and I’m sure you’ve noticed that losing weight in summer is much easier than losing weight during all other times of the year so I’ve decided to come up with a pretty extensive list of things to choose from in order to boost your calorie-burning abilities and spend this summer building a body to die for while having the time of your life.

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Swim Losing weight in summer is super easy if you have a river, pond, beach or a pool close by and, no I won’t take any “Oh but I have to lose weight first to be able to wear my swimsuit” excuses! In fact, the only excuse you’ll need is the one to go shopping for stylish new swimwear and a pair of flip-flops to match! Swimming is not only one of the easiest ways to lose weight in summer but also a fantastic exercise which means you’re not only burning calories and losing pounds but re-shaping your body as well!


Enjoy Summer Sports

Enjoy Summer Sports Beach volley, surfing, kayaking and diving are just some of many fantastic, really fun sports you can enjoy this summer to lose weight, get back in shape, bid cellulite good-bye and, of course, have a lot of fun! Round your friends up in case you won’t be spending any time at sea this year, hit the pool and make it your personal goal to become really good at beach rackets, a game that I really love yet royally suck at.


Indulge in a Juicy Fruit Salad

Indulge in a Juicy Fruit Salad Watermelons, melons, juicy cherries, strawberries, peaches, kiwis and so many other succulent fruits are a key to your effortless weight loss and since summer heat and fruit salads seem like a perfect combo, you have another great reason not to deny yourself this tasty treat. Fresh fruits are surprisingly low in calories and will provide your body with enough vitamins to function properly, fibers to keep that digestive processes running and of course water to keep you optimally hydrated and in a risk-free zone of mistaking thirst for hunger.


Say “Yes” to Veggies

Say “Yes” to Veggies Well, what can I say – if you too think substituting sweets with fruit salads is one of the best ways to lose weight in summer, you’ll definitely look forward to anything from those chop-every-veggie-you-can-dig-out-of-the-fridge salads to fancy ones you have to consult a cookbook for. Leafy greens are surprisingly low in calories yet quite filling and will make your efforts to eat right, well… effortless!


Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water Even I feel the need to consume the suggested amount of water in summer and I normally drink so little of it in other times of the year that my husband often says my body is programmed to run on coffee and coffee only. Now, just ignore the fact that I’m really not the best person to be advising folks on how to lose weight by drinking plenty of water and take the advice anyways because it will help you flush a lot of toxins that are preventing your metabolism to function properly, stifle your food cravings and do wonders for your skin, hair and nails.


Hit the Gym

Hit the Gym A summer spent in the city can be a pretty boring one! Especially in case all of your friends are either going somewhere or are already gone and won’t return before the next school year. No worries, my dears, now is the perfect time to hit the gym, meet new friends and get your body in shape as a bonus. A gym also happens to be the best place to meet really hot guys (*wink*) and, with so many confusing machines and heavy weights around, there’s always a good excuse to ask a kind-looking cutie to give you a hand, a name and maybe even a phone number. Don’t be shy and remember – most people go to the gym because they think they can look better than they already do, they go alone because none of their friends wants to go with them and are secretly wishing they would just meet a nice person to share their thoughts and progress with.


Stretch Your Legs

Stretch Your Legs Now, in case the gym is not your thing and you do happen to have friends in town you’ll definitely want to make sure some of them join you for an evening stroll in the park or on the river bank. Why? Because walking is also one of great ways to lose weight in summer and walking with a friend is way safer and way more fun that walking alone.


Choose Healthy Foods

Choose Healthy Foods From chilled vegetable soups, low priced in season goodies to fish and grilled veggies – summer is probably the only season in which just thinking about a hot slice of pizza or a steamy hamburger can make your stomach feel queasy. You don’t have to go on a diet or listen to yet another “how to lose weight by eating this or that” story – simply listen to your body.


Eat outside

Eat outside And by “outside” I mean your garden or balcony. Now, you’re probably wondering what different does it make and how could it help you with your effortless weight loss. Right? Well, believe it or not, scientists have managed to prove that dim light motivates people to sit over their plates longer and, as a result, eat every last bite of their meal. And since days are longest, warmest and brightest in summer, the chances are you’ll actually manage to eat all or most of your meals in daylight.


Choose Sorbets over Ice Creams

Choose Sorbets over Ice Creams A homemade mouthwatering, icy sorbet you’ll make by using fresh fruit and juices rather than sugar-packed store-bought syrups contains only a few calories and is a perfect summer refreshment with words effortless weight loss written all over it! Give it a shot and you’ll see it’s a perfect, totally healhy substitute for ice-cream.


Make Your Own Sodas

Make Your Own Sodas Want more interesting ways to lose weight in summer? Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed that losing weight in summer would have been a whole lot easier if there wasn’t for those incredibly tempting sodas determined to put your thirst and self control on test. And here’s an interesting though – how about making your own? You can get a naturally carbonated sparking water and have a lot of fun combining it with various fruit juices and mint leaves to create your very own healthy, weight loss-friendly exotic flavors no hot-shot company could ever hope to match.


Munch on Frozen Fruit

Munch on Frozen Fruit Still wondering how to lose weight? Well, in case sweets are your biggest passion and the only thing that’s preventing you of having the body you want, you’ll definitely want to consider one very nice trick. Chop your fav fruits, separate them into a few portions and keep in the freezer until your cravings start getting the best of you. Then simply take your portion out and eat frozen. I know it sounds a bit weird but scientists seem to believe foods you have to bite and chew hard seem to have a more sating effect than soft, gushy stuff which means this added texture has just transformed your mildly satisfying cherries, melon chunks and peaches into a refreshing treat your mind and body will love.


Consider Alternative Methods of Transport

Consider Alternative Methods of Transport Crowded busses and metros are one of my worst nightmares and it’s even worst in summer when the air is thick with unpleasant odors, heavy colognes and even an occasional hairy armpit looming over just to make things worse. Sounds gross? You bet! Why not walk instead? How about a bicycle or rollerblades? It’s a great way to get from point A to point B without having to use public transportation or spend money on gas plus it will aid your effortless weight loss so much you’ll never want to spend a summer without it again.


Get a Job

Get a Job Getting a job over summer is a perfect way to finally raise enough money to buy something you really, really want not to mention a great way to drop a few pounds. I was waiting tables for almost three months when I graduated from high school and I might have continued it had my university lessons proved less time-consuming. It’s a hard job, I’ll give you that, but my legs, bum and arms never looked better!


Wake up Early

Wake up Early Waking up early, having your breakfast and exercising in time when your body is at its peak and able to turn all those calories into pure energy also happens to be one of good ways to lose weight in summer. But why summer of all seasons? Well, the explanation is pretty simple – sun rises early during this season which means you won’t feel too comfortable sleeping in anyways. Why not push your wake up time forward an hour or two and make use of a perfectly good, hopefully even chilly morning?


Be Real

Be Real Effortless weight loss presumes changing your lifestyle enough to put yourself on the right path and see some results, not making it your only goal or sort of a day job, if you prefer. You are not on a diet and you’re not training for the Olympics, you’re just trying to use everything summer has to offer to your advantage. This means you can hop on a bus/car in case you need to be somewhere and quickly, you can allow yourself an ice-cream or a piece of chocolate sometimes and you don’t have to force yourself to walk a mile in case you’re tired. “Sometimes” of course, doesn’t mean every other day sand the most important thing about the casual way of losing weight in summer is that you must not try to find excuses to exercise less but try to do your best instead and think of occasional slips not as terrible sins but rewards for all those days and weeks you’ve spend doing the right thing.


Share Your Plans with Friends and Family

Share Your Plans with Friends and Family Share your hopes and goals with friends and family so they could jump on board and make your summer weight loss even easier and more fun. If your mom knows you’re trying to lose weight, she’ll make sure her shopping list is richer in fruits and veggies and will actually manage to save by buying less sweets or ingredients for them. Some of your friends might join your cause too which means you’ll have good company to exercise and share healthy eating tips with. Plus, if people know what you’re trying to do, they definitely won’t give you any strange looks or bother trying to find out what made you change your old ways.


Keep a Journal

Keep a Journal Journals are not one of those outdated things people turned to help pass the time before the invention of TV, internet and even ballpoint pens! They still are a wonderful way to record interesting moments of your life and, if you’re really going to make sure this summer is as dynamic as it needs to be for you to lose weight, you’ll definitely have plenty of stuff to write about! It’s also a wonderful way to keep track of your progress without actually having to make it sound like a conventional exercise journal which…guess… exactly – is one of the ways to lose weight in summer and make sure you remember to maintain some of those healthy habits even after summer turns to autumn and autumn to winter.


Reach for Grapefruit

Reach for Grapefruit Yes, it is pretty sour and bitter and I know most people don’t really like it but grapefruits will help your body burn fat more effectively. And since it’s summer and we’ve already discussed the benefits of frozen fruit, you can always pop it in the freezer for a few hours to make sure it’s stingy aroma is dulled. Grapefruit regulates insulin level helping your body burn those calories instead of storing them as fat on all those places you hate.



Snack Yes! Snack! Fresh fruit, veggies, salads, tuna fish…you know, the healthy stuff! Summer is a very dynamic period of every person’s life plus nobody wants to eat hot, steamy, large meals and, if you’re planning to spend a summer trying to find as many interesting ways to exercise and have fun all at the same time, you may and probably will lead your body into a state of total exhaustion pretty soon. Remember, you need to keep adding fuel if you don’t want your engine to bust and the best way to do so is to incorporate healthy snacks in your meal plan.


Explore the Competitive Side of Your Personality

Explore the Competitive Side of Your Personality Kicking somebody’s behind in a safe, controlled environment will get your blood pumping, adrenaline pouring out through your ears (not literally, of course) and send your self esteem skyrocketing! And don’t tell me you’re not a competitive person because we all are. The mere fact that you’re trying to lose weight means that you want to be better than you are which, of course, is a good start. Now, since a summer offers plenty of opportunities to try many sports for free, you’ll have better chances of finding the one you really like. And once you do it’s practice, practice and more practice… until student becomes the master! It is a little hard at first but once you get a hang of it, you’ll literally want to do it all day long, screaming “Next! Bring it on, kiddo!” in breaks and the next thing you know, the summer is over and you’re looking exactly the way you wanted.


Give an Interesting Product a Shot

Give an Interesting Product a Shot The last on my list of interesting ways to lose weight in summer is something I wouldn’t have remembered myself if my sister didn’t present me with a fantastic anti-cellulite product with an awesome cooling effect. Now, I usually don’t fall for those and even when I have some, I don’t even remember to apply it regularly but this gel smelled so great, made my skin feel so soft and perfect and had some sort of a mint extract too, which helped keep the heat at bay. So, yes, I loved it and used it regularly and the result was pretty impressive too! I’m not saying it’s the best way to tackle the issue and you mustn’t expect miracles but hey, in case you have a desk job and you can’t exercise all day long, you can definitely add it to your regimen to get faster results, nicer-looking skin and a bit of relief against the heat.

Can you think of any other ways to lose weight in summer and do you have some of your own, very special summer weight loss tips to share? Do feel free to pitch in because I’m fresh out of ideas!

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I love how some of these suggestions are so obvious but you sometimes still need to be reminded and encouraged to actually do them! Love it :)

i make these health smoothies that are basicly just my favorite frozen or thawed fruits and i stick them in a blender with some spinache and lettaus then i blend it all up it dosent look very good cause its like a brown purple pink green color but it tastes great because the fruit masks the taske of the veggies so that way i am getting my veggies and fruit this usualy subsatutes for my lunch and if im in rush for my breakfast(i keep some in the fridge in a closed container) however also you can that this mixture and put it in a popcicle mold let it freeze and it makes an excelant desert or treat for when your just sitting around

I don't know HOW PEOPLE LIKE SODAS! I mean they are really fizzy and WAY too sugary. Sure, call me weird but I don't like sweets either.

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