7 Natural Ways to Lose Weight That Work ...


7 Natural Ways to Lose Weight That Work ...
7 Natural Ways to Lose Weight That Work ...

Finding natural ways to lose weight appeals to those of us who aren’t swayed by pills and potions. There are so many fad diets out there which promise us much, but they aren’t natural ways to lose weight. This often means that we put our health in danger because most of these diets are simply not the best way to get rid of those extra pounds. Using these 7 Natural Ways to Lose Weight might take a bit longer than crash diets but you’ll feel better in the long run and the weight loss is more likely to be sustainable.

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Calories Are King

The principle of any successful natural weight loss regime is to learn how to count calories. This is what the body runs on, so if more calories are eaten then the excess will be stored as fat. If less calories are eaten then this means that the fat already in the body will be used as extra energy, which, ultimately, means that weight will be lost.


Food Diary

Part of creating a list of natural ways to lose weight comes from finding out exactly what the issue is in the first place. This can and should be done by creating a food diary. Over the course of a week a tow, write down everything you eat. You should know which foods are bad for you but you will also identify that there are things that you consuming more than you realize. Pick out your problem foods and either remove them completely, cut down or find alternatives to meet the requirements of a new natural weight loss program.



Some diets claim that people should give themselves little treats every so often for support. This is completely the wrong way to think about it because a dieting lifestyle should last 24/7 not just for a few hours. Support and motivation can be gained through a friend or family member who is either going through it themselves or are just there to provide moral support. Proper support to your own will power is a huge part of any natural weight loss venture.



When people feel hungry they eat. This is pretty obvious. But the truth is that if they drank a big glass of water then these hunger pangs would go away most of the time. Hunger pains are very often a call for hydration, not food. One of the best natural ways to lose weight is to keep hydrated because then the ‘hunger pangs’ appear less often and the person will naturally eat less, which keeps calories down.



It might be tempting to abandon all those natural ways to lose weight in favour of a fad diet. But losing weight is a process which will take months. Yes, it’s possible to lose lots of weight in a matter of weeks on these fad diets, but the weight won’t stay off and some of these diets can put your health in danger. The realization that the weight is back on can have a negative impact on the psyche making that will power for the next diet even harder to dig out. Stay positive and stick to those natural guns because they will work.



This is the other half of the component for healthy weight loss as its exercise and a healthy diet which walk hand in hand. It’s understandable that different people have different amounts of time to dedicate to exercise, but it should always be possible to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in per day. This can either be done via the gym or by purchasing a gym machine at home. You don’t need fancy equipment of trendy gym clothing – it’s the results that are more important than how you look.


Eat and Stop

The Clean Plate Club is a traditional concept which mothers use to get their children to eat everything off their plates, but this is a club which people on a diet shouldn’t be a member of. There are various ways to tackle this. Use smaller plates, dish up smaller portions, fill up on very low calorie foods and most important of all, eat slowly. Eating slowly allows time for your stomach to communicate to your brain when you are full. Shoveling in food means it’s easy to pass that crucial stop signal.

Nobody is saying that a natural weight loss program will be easy because it won’t be. But they are certainly better than fad diets. With natural ways to lose weight, everybody can have a future which is both happy and healthy.

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when em feeling really hungry i drink a huge glass of water but still my hunger does not go away :((( i am 26 years old and my height 5ft 5 inch and i am 64kg :( i really need to lose weight plz help

hey im 12 and im fat height:4'11 weight:165 ot more what can i doo

Hey! I'm 16 and I've recently started dieting. Ive lost 25 pounds in the past 2 months using myfitnesspal. It's amazing how counting calories can make you so much smarter when choosing foods! I no longer drink pop, and I only drink milk on occasion. I eat 1200 calories a day, but more when I work out. I run every day after school, and frequently play volleyball. Try myfitnesspal- it changed my life for the better!

im 15 and ive been working out and trying to stay active and eating right.. but it seems sometimes it doesnt work out.. do you have any tips for me to loose some weight when im not doing sports in this coming season of fall?

Alright, so I've been looking through these just recently 'diet' tips, etc, and I need a bit of advice. Last time I went to the doctors they said I was rather overweight for my age/height (I'm 16 and 5'1 or so, so kinda shortish). I regularly have horseback riding for an hour every once a week (normally), for about 4 years - granted there were definitely some few weeks off - so I understand that I will have muscle. I think that, at best (and total most) 25 pounds would be more than enough to loose. But I'm an incredibly picky eater (I love bland things - besides my steaks, and sometimes hamburger meat for burritos and shepherd's pie, I don't really eat alot of meat.) I get 'squeamish' with squishy stuff, it just totally puts me off, but I also do not try a lot of new foods so I'm going to be open minded from henceforth. Are there any foods that you would recommend per sey for this finickiness? As well as what I can do to motivate myself into doing some exercise? I have a year old lab, who would totally love more walks, but the motivation part is what I'm seriously stuck on, and need help with. Thank you for reading this anywho!

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