9 Effective Ways to Lose Some Weight in a Week ...


9 Effective Ways to Lose Some Weight in a Week ...
9 Effective Ways to Lose Some Weight in a Week ...

How many times has this happened to you? You have a special event coming up, and the little black dress you wanted to wear just won’t zip… you need to lose weight in a week, but how? My dear, I can help. I’ve been there before, and I know how to lose weight in a week, just a pound or three, to get you looking fine just in time for that wedding, party, or night on the town. Here are 9 effective ways to lose a little weight in a week.

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Kick up Your Workout

If you already have a workout regimen, kick it up a notch by adding a little more resistance and time. If you don’t have a workout routine, well, what are you waiting for? Hit the gym and use the elliptical for 40 minutes, 5 times this week… you’ll be hooked… and you’ll also be fitter and more energized!


Ban Soda

One small bottle of cola contains 250 calories, almost all of them from sugar. There are no vitamins in soda, and it doesn’t have any real nutritional value. Plus, women who drink soda regularly suffer more acutely from osteoporosis and other bone-related ailments. Do yourself a favor — cut the empty calories from your diet and lose weight in a week, and make your bones happy!


Forget Fast Food

Fast food is loaded with calories, most of which come from fat. In fact, one fast food value meal often contains all of the calories we’re supposed to eat in an entire day! Cut fast food from your diet, and you’re sure to lose weight in a week… and you’ll feel so much better, too!


Cut Your Portions

Did you know that most of us actually eat two or more servings at each sitting, rather than one? It’s bad at home, but even worse when dining out. If you eat out often, and want to lose weight in a week, try this very simple trick: when your meal arrives, remove half from your plate, and eat only the half that remains. Take the rest home in a doggie bag.


Eat More Often

It’s a scientific fact: eating five small meals a day, rather than three large ones, will keep your metabolism rocking and help you lose weight because, if you’re eating constantly, you won’t be hungry, so you’ll be less likely to make poor food choices, or over-eat.


Try for Five

The USDA recommends that we eat five servings of fruits and veggies every day, but so few of us even come close to that! If you’re trying to lose weight in a week, one great way is to aim for these five servings, which will ensure you’re snacking well and getting the nutrients you need.


Drink before You Eat

Did you know that drinking a little cold water about five to ten minutes before you eat can actually take the edge off your hunger, and make you less likely to over-eat? Some studies also suggest that the chill of the water might also kick up your metabolism…


Find an App

There’s a marvelous free app by Special K that helps you lose weight in a week. It’s completely customizable from the get-go, asking you to choose a reason for your week-long weight loss (like a special event or to jump-start a diet), and it’s so easy to use… give it a go!


Skip the Dairy

Even I, the biggest fan of cheese in the world, can live without my dairy delights for one week. Dairy, like cheese and sour cream and whole milk and yoghurt may be loaded with calcium and vitamin D, but it’s also very fattening. If you are really serious about wanting to lose weight in a week, give up dairy, or at least switch from whole milk to skim, and regular yoghurt to low-fat.

See, sweetie? It’s completely possible to lose weight in a week, just the few little pounds you need to get into that dress and look smashing! Which of these tips have you tried, and how did they work for you? Or do you have another tip for losing a little weight in one week? Do tell!

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nice article :)

Another good app for fitness is Nike Training Club. It gives you free workouts that you can customize and you can choose to focus on one part of your body or do one of their many full body workouts. I love this app <3

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