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7 Diet Dangers You Should Know about ...

By Jennifer

Diet Dangers can be lurking in even the healthiest diet, sabotaging your weight loss efforts and potentially even risking your health. But don’t panic! Most diet dangers are completely avoidable, once you’re aware of them. What are these dangers, and how can you combat them? Here are 7 diet dangers you should know about… are you on this list?

1 Skipping Meals Can Derail Your Diet

There’s a reason most reputable, effective diets suggest you eat five small meals a day, rather than three (or fewer) large ones: because eating small meals throughout the day will keep you from feeling hungry and it will keep your metabolism going strong. Skipping meals, especially skipping breakfast, is one of the diet dangers you must avoid if you want to succeed.

2 Working out Too Much Can Hurt

It’s easy to get carried away with working out. It feels good. The results are visible, quickly. But it’s a diet danger to work out more than an hour a day, or to work out every day, or to work out to the point of physical pain or vomiting.


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3 Consuming Too Few Calories

Plain and simple, the human body requires a certain number of calories to survive. Drop below that, and you could be in danger of heart failure and death. This isn’t a joking matter… it’s life and death. Be careful.

4 Diet Pills and Supplements Can Be Dangerous

Ask anyone who got caught up in the Phen Fen craze, and they’ll tell you that some fad diet pills can be dangerous, with inconvenient, gross, frightening, or even deadly side effects. The only safe, effective way to lose weight is through moderate, healthy dieting and regular exercise.

5 Fad Diets Aren’t Long-term

Aside from the fact that the Atkins Diet is straight up bad for your heart and digestive system, it’s also ineffective once you go back to your regular eating habits — which you inevitably will, since you will eventually have to eat carbs again. This diet danger is two-fold: not only will you gain your weight back, you’ll also potentially be in worse shape than when you started.

6 Avoid Negative Talk and Behavior

From the start, make sure you’re dieting because YOU want to, and that you’re not doing it to please someone else. Also, make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people who want you to succeed, not frenemies who will try and drag you down out of jealousy. Having a positive framework will help you avoid other diet dangers, too.

7 Set Realistic Goals

Setting an unobtainable goal will only make you frustrated and upset. It’s not a good motivator, so do yourself a favor and set a goal that’s realistic, one that with, a little hard work, you can achieve and feel good about yourself.

Now that you know about these diet dangers, you can avoid them, and increase your chances of actually succeeding in your weight loss goals… hooray! Which of these diet dangers surprised you? Which would you add to m list?

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