7 Diet Bombs You Simply Must Resist ...

Whether you’re watching what you’re eating for health reasons or for weight loss, avoiding these diet bombs is an easy way to keep you on track. Not only do these foods contain high amounts of fat and calories, but they don’t offer a whole lot in the way of nutrition either. Now, I’m all for indulging once in a while, so the following diet bombs aren’t completely off limits, though you’ll want to eat them very sparingly for the best results.

1. Soda

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Yes, it’s one of my favorites too! Yet I know that it has lots of sugar and plenty of calories without any nutritional value. That means it should be a once in a while thing rather than something I drink every day. Soda is one of the worst diet bombs out there, with more than 100 calories in one serving. If you grab your soda at the gas station, you could be sucking down nearly 1,000 calories in one glass. Just say no!

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