7 Diet Bombs You Simply Must Resist ...


7 Diet Bombs You Simply Must Resist ...
7 Diet Bombs You Simply Must Resist ...

Whether you’re watching what you’re eating for health reasons or for weight loss, avoiding these diet bombs is an easy way to keep you on track. Not only do these foods contain high amounts of fat and calories, but they don’t offer a whole lot in the way of nutrition either. Now, I’m all for indulging once in a while, so the following diet bombs aren’t completely off limits, though you’ll want to eat them very sparingly for the best results.

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Soda Yes, it’s one of my favorites too! Yet I know that it has lots of sugar and plenty of calories without any nutritional value. That means it should be a once in a while thing rather than something I drink every day. Soda is one of the worst diet bombs out there, with more than 100 calories in one serving. If you grab your soda at the gas station, you could be sucking down nearly 1,000 calories in one glass. Just say no!


Frozen Dinners

Frozen Dinners With upwards of 1,000 or more calories in one little box, most frozen dinners are diet bombs you should definitely avoid most of the time. That being said, there are some options out there that fit in a healthy meal plan. Just do your research so you find the right ones. Avoid pizza, meats smothered in gravy, fried chicken, chicken nuggets, cheesy Mexican foods and anything else that’s loaded with calories.



Chips I know, they’re crunchy and salty and they just satisfy a craving after the kids go to bed. But, they’re also full of fat and calories and contain very little to contribute toward your daily nutrient intake. If you add chips to your lunch every day, consider some crunchy carrots or apple slices to satisfy the need to munch. Save the chips for a special occasion so you can enjoy them all that much more.


Processed Meat

Processed Meat Not only does processed meat contain lots of fat and calories, but it’s also high in sodium and raises the risk of health problems. Instead of piling your sandwich or salad with deli ham or turkey, cook the fresh version and shred it up. Portion it into individual servings and freeze it until you’re ready to use it. Not only will you be cutting your fat and calorie intake, but you’ll also up your intake of protein and iron, both of which are vital for good overall health.


Salad Dressing

Salad Dressing Sure, salads are superstars for a healthy diet, but if you tend to slather yours in ranch or blue cheese, you could be doing more damage than good. Most commercial salad dressings are loaded with fat and calories, not to mention all that salt. Make your own dressing by combining a bit of olive oil with vinegar and your favorite herbs and spices. Freshly squeezed lemon juice and tomato salsa are other low-calorie choices that add zing to your favorite salad.



Candy Candy isn’t one of my downfalls, but I know lots of people who can’t pass up a chocolate bar. Most kinds of candy are chock full of fat and sugar, which translates to extra calories. Too many calories can interfere with weight loss and increases the risk of other health complications. Avoid candy most of the time and save your favorite treat for a special occasion, such as that new job or when you’re at a party with friends.



Cocktails Don’t give in to the temptation to weep. You don’t have to give up all cocktails. I’m talking about those creamy concoctions that are best left alone unless you’re on a beach vacation. Pina coladas and daiquiris come to mind. All that being said, go easy on the liquor because it still contains calories, so you don’t want to overdo it.

What do you avoid to stay healthy? I try my best to go easy on sugar and processed foods, but sometimes they just taste so good. What’s your favorite indulgence?

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