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7 Reasons Why People Gain Weight in a Committed Relationship and How to Battle It ...

By Alicia

There are always reasons why people gain weight. A time when people commonly gain weight is when they get into a committed relationship. Have you ever noticed that? Let’s look at some reasons why people gain weight when they are in a committed relationship and what they can do about that.

1 They Are Comfortable

One of the reasons why people gain weight when they are in a committed relationship is that they are comfortable. They are secure in their relationship. While that is a wonderful thing, it is still important to try to look nice for your partner. It is very tempting to allow yourself to get lazy about your appearance because you are so comfortable in your relationship. Resist that temptation and make an effort to watch your weight and look your best.

2 They Are Couch Potatoes

When you were a single lady, you probably kept the gym hot or made it to an exercise class on a regular basis. When you are dating around, you are usually out and about. Life suddenly gets fuller when you are in a committed relationship. Having a life together takes time and effort. You end up crashing on the couch together at night instead of being productive or up and moving. Combat that by exercising together, even while you watch TV.

3 They Aren’t Shopping

When you are in a committed relationship, you are no longer out there searching for that special someone. You don’t feel like you have to look perfect to attract someone. When you are single, you are much more driven to keep your figure in check. I have heard it said that you should work just as hard at keeping your partner as you did in getting them and I agree. As best as you can, make an effort to eat healthy and exercise well.

4 No Time for the Gym

When you are in a committed relationship, life can get busy. That is especially true if you marry and have children. There is so little time to exercise at that point in your life. That is when you must be intentional about getting your workout in. Write it in on your planner and refuse to change it.

5 They Eat Together

When a couple is in a committed relationship they spend a lot of time together, which can be a very good thing. But a negative side effect of that is when one of them eats, the other will sometimes join in. Maybe one partner tends to eat chips and dip in the evenings. That makes it more tempting for the other partner to join in when that is occurring. To help combat this, keep the fridge stocked with healthy, low calorie snacks so that when you do eat, it is a good choice.

6 They Are Aging

The longer you are in a relationship, the older you are getting, of course. That is just a fact of life. But as you are aging, the pounds are harder to take off. You have to be a little stricter with your calorie counting and a little bit more faithful to your exercise routine. The weight can come off but you just have to work a little harder.

7 They Eat What the Kids Eat

Having kids can be really hard on the diet. You may wish to fix grilled fish with mango salsa and rice pilaf. More than likely, you end up eating fish sticks and French fries to appease the kids. This makes it difficult but you can work around it. You can try to meet in the middle and fix a very healthy dish with a kid friendly side or fix two dinners, as aggravating as it may be.

Although it is true that people tend to gain more weight when they are in a committed relationship, it doesn’t have to be that way. What do you or you and your partner do to make sure this does not happen to you? We can all offer advice here!

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