7 High Calorie Desserts to Stay Away from ...


7 High Calorie Desserts to Stay Away from ...
7 High Calorie Desserts to Stay Away from ...

High Calories Desserts can be the downfall of any diet, and are definitely to be avoided at all costs, even when you’re indulging… and while we all know a few of them, some will still come as quite a shock. Are you sitting down? Here are my picks for the 7 high calorie desserts to stay away from (even when you’re done dieting).

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The Cheesecake Factory Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake

Calories: 1,680 per serving
Lovie, I know it’s delicious, and oh-so-rich, but look at all those calories! That’s almost all of the calories you ought to consume in one entire day! And a vast majority of those calories come from fat; in fact, it has as many grams of fat as a fully-loaded cheeseburger… wow!


Additionally, honey, you better believe it’s packed with sugar—over four days’ worth for the average person! Just imagining the sugar crash is enough to make one go bonkers. Not to mention, there are enough carbs in there to fuel you for a marathon. Seriously though, unless you plan on running one right after, it's better to steer clear. Imagine indulging in this dessert regularly; it sure could lead to diet sabotage. So, maybe opt for a sliver or, better yet, share it with the whole table—your waistline will thank you!


Haagen Daas Rocky Road Ice Cream

Calories: 300 per serving
While 300 calories may not seem like a lot, bear in mind, the serving size is a tiny half-cup, not a lot for an ice cream fanatic. Also, more than half the calories come from fat, and saturated fat at that! It may be delicious, especially on a hot summer day, but this is one high calorie dessert to desert!


Coldstone Creamery Oh Fudge Shake

Calories: 1,600 per serving
While this is the number of calories in the «Gotta Have It» size, it’s worth noting that there are still almost 800 calories in the «Like It» size, and that half the calories in both sizes are from fat. Wow.


On top of the staggering calorie count, the Oh Fudge Shake packs a punch with sugar content that could make your dentist cringe. With a dessert this decadent, it's easy to consume more than the recommended daily sugar intake in just one sitting. Remember, moderation is key, and while an occasional indulgence won't derail a healthy lifestyle, this creamy temptation is certainly one to approach with caution. Treats are delightful, but balance and mindful eating should always be at the forefront of our choices.


Starbuck’s Peppermint White Mocha

Calories: 680 per serving
Why am I including an espresso drink in my list of high calorie desserts to avoid? Because at nearly 700 calories per serving, and topped with whipped cream, it certainly qualifies as a dessert.


TGIFriday’s Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

Calories: 980 per serving
I’m not sure why this high calorie dessert came as a shock to me… maybe because the word «vanilla» instead of chocolate threw me? Regardless of why, it’s still a very calorie-laden dessert… don’t let the name fool you!


Olive Garden Zeppoli

Calories: 920 per serving
I had never heard of zeppoli before my last visit to Olive Garden, and while it looks sinfully delicious — they’re tiny donuts dusted with powdered sugar, with another 210 calories for the chocolate dipping sauce to go with them — they are so incredibly calorie-rich, they ought to be banned. And yes, by the way, I have tried them, and they’re insanely good.


McDonald’s Chocolate McCafé Shake

Calories: 880 per serving
We already knew fast food was loaded with calories, but what we didn’t know was that it’s not just limited to the burgers and fries! While this chocolate shake isn’t quite as calorie-packed at the Coldstone Creamery version, it’s still pretty bad… landing it squarely in the category of high calorie desserts to be avoided.

Yikes, look at all of those calories, and so many of them from fat! I was a little surprised at how many calories were in some of these sweet treats, but now that I’ve seen the light (and the calorie counts), I’m done with them! Which of these high calorie desserts will you stay away from, and which do you love too much to give up? Please share!

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Bad news for me, I always order the TGI cheesecake! LOL, everything there is high calorie though~

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