Why Every Woman Should Adopt Meatless Monday ...

I could never give up meat (I love bacon sandwiches too much!) but I am concerned about the impact mass meat production has on the planet.

I also love vegetables so I have now been following the practice of β€œMeatless Monday” for a few months.

It’s great.

I find myself trying great new veggie recipes and on Mondays I never miss meat.

In fact, I now also have another meatless day during the week.

I think everyone can benefit (as will the planet) by adopting Meatless Monday.

1. Longer Life

Longer Life

One of the key reasons to adopt a meatless Monday is that, quite simply, it can help you to live a longer life!

There is no denying the benefits of a plant based diet, so adopting a vegetarian lifestyle for even just one day of the week can help to make you healthier in terms of cholesterol, blood pressure, weight management, and many other important factors that make up a healthy human being.

Positive Start to the Week