7 Common Foods That Cause Bloating ...


Have you ever noticed that some of the best tasting and nutritious foods are also foods that cause bloating?!

Itโ€™s so unfair that these clean and healthy foods that do a world of good for our bodies inside and out are also guilty of making us feel gassy, extremely full and just plain uncomfortable!

If you feel the bloat but youโ€™re unsure of who the culprit was in your discomfort, read on for 7 common foods that cause bloating and letโ€™s catch the sucker!

1. Salt

Iโ€™m a salt lover so it really pains me to see my beloved mineral on this list of foods that cause bloating.

Water likes salt so when you eat more than your usual helping of highly processed foods or add more salt than usual to your food you can end up retaining water and looking puffy for awhile due to the excess salt.

Use salt sparingly and try out spices that donโ€™t contain salt to add some pizazz to your meals!

Broccoli and Cabbage
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