You Never Knew You've Been Eating These Foods All Wrong ...

By Eliza

You’ve been told a million times that you should be eating healthy foods so that your body and mind stay in tip top shape. So you load your plate with healthy foods, but in some cases you might not be eating them the right way. Eating these foods the wrong way can get in the way of getting the most out of them. Here are some foods you’ve probably been eating all wrong. Don’t worry. You certainly aren’t the only one. I’m guilty too. The point is that you can eat them correctly from here on out.

1 Sweet Potatoes Should Be Baked Not Eaten as Fries

You might feel virtuous choosing the sweet potato fries over the regular kind. While it’s true that the orange fries have a lot more nutrition than typical potatoes, especially when it comes to vitamin A, fries aren’t the best way to eat sweet potatoes. Experts recommend baking a sweet potato or dicing and steaming it. You still get the great taste, but you don’t need all the cooking fats.

2 Peanut Butter Can Really Trip You up

Peanut butter is a great food choice because it contains protein and healthy fats. However, when you choose a jar from store shelves, look for one that contains only peanuts. Skip the ones that have added salt and sugar because they can do a number on your health and trick you into thinking you’re eating healthy when you might not be.

3 Canned Beans May Expose You to BPA

Many cans used to preserve beans are lined with BPA, which is a chemical that disrupts your hormone function and can make you sick. While beans are a great addition to your diet, you should be choosing dry beans over canned ones. Dry beans take a bit more preparation, but they are much better for you.

4 Dried Fruit Might Not Be Your Best Bet

Dried fruit is a good way to fulfill your daily requirements if you don’t really care for fresh fruit. However, you have to be careful because a lot of it is made with tons of added sugars. Those sugars aren’t healthy so make sure you choose dried fruits that don’t have sugar or make your own at home so you can control the sugar content. Eat dried fruit for a snack or mix it into trail mix or oatmeal.

5 Apples Should Never Be Peeled

Most of the antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients are found in the apple peel so you should be eating it too. Instead of peeling your apple, slice it with the skin on so that you get the most out of the entire fruit. Apples of any color are great for a healthy meal plan. Just be sure you eat the entire thing.

6 Eat Broccoli Raw or Lightly Steamed Instead of Boiled

When you boil broccoli, a good portion of the nutrients are leached out and into the water. To preserve those vitamins and minerals so that your body can absorb them and get all of their benefits, you should be eating broccoli raw or just lightly steamed or sautéed. The flavor won’t change, but you’ll get so much more out of it.

7 Cereal Can Really do You in

Whole grain cereal is a really good choice, but so many people way overdo it when they pour a bowl of cereal. This can make it hard to get a handle of your calorie and carb intake, which can lead to weight gain. Make sure you know how much a serving of cereal is so that you can stick to just one.

Have you been eating of any of these foods wrong?

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