What is πŸ€” the Whole30 πŸ—“Diet πŸ₯—?


Are you asking what is the Whole30 diet?? Welcome to part three of the Nutritional Lifestyle series. (see parts 1 and II here the Keto Diet and The Mediterranean Diet). The focus of this article is the Whole30 program. I first heard about this program while watching a Blogilates video and it is no joke, but worth the struggle. So, I’m going to give you the basic guidelines of this program and it might be something you are interested in practicing for your health. Here are your best answers for what is the Whole30 diet?

1. What is It?

The Whole30 program is essentially a body reset that removes toxic foods from your eating plan in an effort to improve your overall health. The program shifts your eating from processed foods that are high in sugar and increasing awareness of your food sensitivities. Through this elimination process, you can improve your skin, reduce inflammation levels, and increase energy. Remember it is only 30 days!

What Foods to Avoid?
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