7 Ways to Let Go of Your Weight Loss Obsessions ...


As a woman in today’s culture, it’s easy to become wrapped up in weight loss obsessions, and I’ve experienced this firsthand. As someone who writes about health, weight loss, fitness, and dieting, I can promise you that without knowing how to let go of the weight loss obsession I used to have, there’s no way I’d be able to write about these topics in a healthy, balanced way now. For years, dieting ruled my life. I literally had no time for anything because I was consumed with working out, obsessing over my meals, and spending hours a day in the kitchen, trying to fix the perfect foods. I had no energy at work, felt depressed all the time, and yet I couldn’t seem to let go of the obsession weight loss had on me. I’d like to share with you some tips for how to let go of any weight loss obsessions you might have. I know these might not work for everyone, but they did work wonders for me and hopefully they can do the same for you.

1. Get Real about Your Weight

First and foremost, when learning how to lose the weight loss obsessions you have, be honest with yourself. Do you really need to lose weight? If you do, then look at your lifestyle. Do you go on diets every week and then cheat so you can start all over again? Do you look for quick solutions to weight loss instead of doing the long term, hard work? Just like paying bills, eating healthy isn’t exciting, but it does make you feel amazing, gives you health and vitality, and allows you to live balanced without having to worry about your weight so much. Junk food can never give you that. If you really don’t need to lose weight but can’t seem to let go of the obsession, you also need to get real with yourself. What about losing weight seems to make you think you’ll be happier? Is it the control issue? If so, remember that yes, you can control your weight, but doing so doesn’t give you life and vitality. Being an optimal weight, which is the set point your body maintains naturally through a balanced diet and moderate exercise, is the absolute best place to be. Find that place and get real about where your weight is right now.

Move Every Day
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