9 Ways to Foster a Healthy Relationship with Food ...


It seems in our diet heavy world, people lose sight of how important a healthy relationship with food can be. They only focus on low-carb or gluten free and losing weight. But eating healthy is more than just losing weight. It is the way your view the food you are putting into your body and the food choices you make. While it can seem hard to look past the diets and the food fads that bombard our everyday lives, these steps will bring you closer and closer to fostering a healthy relationship with food.

1. Don’t Create Groups

If you classify foods into good groups and bad groups, it will be a lot harder to create a healthy relationship with food. When you group foods into bad and good groups, you will feel guilty when you don’t abide by only eating “good” foods. If you do end up eating a “bad” food, you will feel horrible about yourself and try to punish yourself to compensate. Rather than classifying foods into groups, try to labels some foods as “foods to eat more often” and others as “foods to eat on special occasions.” That way you will still eat healthy and not feel guilty for enjoying a slice of cake at a birthday party.

Eat Three Meals a Day
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