7 Ways to Enjoy Chocolate without Blowing Your Calories for the Day ...


7 Ways to Enjoy Chocolate without Blowing Your Calories for the Day ...
7 Ways to Enjoy Chocolate without Blowing Your Calories for the Day ...

There are ways to enjoy chocolate without blowing your calories for the day. I love chocolate and it is a big part of my life, especially on 1.5 weeks of the month. Most women are totally going to get that. Figuring out ways to enjoy chocolate without blowing the diet can be challenging but I have come up with some that I will now share with you.

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Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is one of the wonderful ways to enjoy chocolate without blowing your calories. Hot chocolate can become a very calorie ridden treat, especially if you add in lots of whipped crème and toppings. However, there are ways you can have hot chocolate that are not high calorie. You can make it with a mix and water for around 90 calories. You can cut the calorie count even more when you choose diet hot chocolate.


Fat Free Chocolate Pudding

I love chocolate pudding so it is no sacrifice for me to enjoy chocolate this way. Fat free pudding shaves a few more calories and some fat off of the already low cal and low fat treat. I think that fat free pudding is actually a bit smoother than regular pudding. If you want to make it really enjoyable, put it in the fridge before you eat it. It gives it more of a treat like feel.



Who doesn’t love these lovely little ice cream treats? They are so chocolaty yet so low cal. I love them. For me, the only problem is portion control! I want to keep going back for more. But if I stop at the recommended serving size, I am good to go.


Have Dark Chocolate Instead

Believe it or not, dark chocolate has less calories than milk chocolate does. A lot of people do not like dark chocolate but I prefer it. Sometimes, nothing will satisfy that chocolate craving like real chocolate candy will. For those times, reach for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. My favorite dark chocolate candy is Ghirardelli.


Melt 3 Hershey’s Kisses or Dove Promises

This is a great way to cut your chocolate consumption down but still get the chocolate craving satisfied. You may be able to get by with two but I usually need three. Melt them down carefully and use the melted chocolate as a dip. I eat fruit dipped in my chocolate. This is also a great way to get my fruit in for the day, too.


Chocolate Milk

Having chocolate milk takes me right back to childhood. And for me, it doesn’t take a lot of chocolate powder to satisfy me. I can put one level teaspoon in 8 oz of milk and I am happy. If you use skim or fat free milk, the calorie count is even lower. An additional benefit of enjoying chocolate this way is that you get your calcium in, too.


Tootsie Rolls

Tootsie rolls are a fun way to enjoy chocolate. They are lower in calories than real chocolate. This chocolate taffy has a very chocolaty flavor and the chewy goodness is a plus. I think that a tootsie roll can hit the spot pretty quickly because they are quite rich. Usually half of a full size tootsie roll is more than enough for me.

Chocolate is something I just have to have in my diet but I want to do it in the best possible way. How do you enjoy your chocolate without blowing the diet? I would love to know!

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