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Finding ways to break yoyo dieting isn’t very hard if you know where to look. The Internet, magazines, even your best friends all have tips and advice to offer on weight loss! The hardest thing about putting a stop to yoyo dieting is actually sticking to the guidelines. I’ve hand-chosen some of the best tips out there to make your life easier! Keep on reading if you’d like to get serious about kicking your yoyo diet habit, and discover my ways to break yoyo dieting!

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Avoid Fad Diets

One of quickest ways to break yoyo dieting is by avoiding fad diets! Anything that promises immediate results or crazy diets that put you on an apple and a carrot stick a day may in fact provide results. But you will be starving and nutrient deprived, which can lead to binge eating a few days later, and start the yoyo diet cycle all over again.


Keep Track of What You Eat

Eating healthy, well-balanced meals is your key to weight loss. Part of doing that successfully includes keeping track of what you eat each day! This helps you to notice your downfalls, weak areas, and where you may be lacking nutrition. I include my exercise for the day in my food log as well, so that I can keep track of my fitness!


Have Accountability

It’s so easy to stay on track when you have encouragement and accountability! Grab a friend or a spouse, or even hire a personal trainer! What can even be more helpful than anything is having someone who is committed to eating healthy like you are. It’s hard to take encouragement from anyone about weight loss to heart while you’re eating a salad and they are having fries and a shake.


Stay Consistent

One of the reasons yoyo dieting is unhealthy for you is because it is a constant cycle of eating healthy versus eating not so good. Or starving yourself versus stuffing yourself! That’s why it’s called “yoyo dieting,” because it’s always up and down, and that’s why it doesn’t work! You will not lose weight and keep it off until you stay consistent with your eating habits and exercise, so make a plan and stick to it!


Eat Several Small Meals Daily

The old routine of eating three times a day may work for some, but it’s actually easier on your digestive system if you eat four or five small meals per day! This keeps your metabolism constantly going, staves off hunger and cravings, and gives you energy to get through the day! Try to keep healthy food on hand for each small meal. An example of a meal could be a small bowl of fruit with peanut butter on whole grain toast and a glass of juice.


Have Room for Failure

It’s inevitable that you will be tempted and stray off course from time to time. That’s okay! Give yourself wiggle room occasionally. If you try to deny yourself everything you like at once, it can be easier to cave in and binge eat. Accept that you will give in to cravings and then start fresh the next day, no guilt-trips necessary!


Make a Lifestyle Change

You may have noticed a pattern throughout my post already. Just in case you haven’t, here it is: Breaking yoyo dieting isn’t about simply ending the trend. It’s about a lifestyle change! If you make it your goal to stay on track with healthy eating and exercise 5-6 days out of the week, then you will succeed. 15-20 minutes of exercise per day is easy to fit in, and once you start eating better you will notice your body craves the good stuff! So it becomes easier, and you reap the benefits!

Yoyo dieting can be an ugly cycle, but it’s possible to break the chain! You can leave the fad diets and miracle weight loss trends behind, and start a journey towards a new, healthy you, while losing weight and staying on track! You just need to stick to these guideline. Self-control is the hardest part of just about anything, but you can do it. Just stay focused! Do you have anything to contribute to this list?

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Small meals meaning what? Three meals and two snacks makes for easier tracking. Several small meals can lead to unnecessary grazing

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