10 Useful Weight Loss Apps ...


10 Useful Weight Loss Apps ...
10 Useful Weight Loss Apps ...

Going on a diet is always easier if you have support and thanks to technology, it now comes in the form of weight loss apps. There’s quite some power in these useful little programs so why not make the most of their helping hands? They range through the whole issue of dieting and weight management, so you might find there is a perfect one for that one little diet issue you always have trouble with. Let’s examine some useful weight loss apps.

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There are thousands of weight loss apps out there, but many are full of unnecessary information and simply do not help you out very much. However, this app does everything you need it to; it helps you to move away from the simple idea of counting calories, and rather helps you to look at food in terms of its nutrition value. The app will provide you with calorie information, as well as fats, carbohydrate content and protein levels. Extremely useful!




If you need to find some motivation to lose weight, this is one of the diet management apps to help to kick-start your journey to a healthier life. 2Fat enables you to calculate your body mass index, by providing information your sex, weight and height, as well as other variables which you can change. You will get a result listing not only your BMI, but also the estimated percentage of body fat which you have – what better way to motivate you to lose those extra pounds?


Calorie Tracker

Although it’s not always a good idea to simply rely on calories to see if you are eating healthily, there is no denying that it is the most universally useful way of checking what you are eating. This app uses a huge database of foods from all food groups, which should allow you to accurately track your daily calorie intake. The nutritional information provided by apps such as 40•30•30 is helpful, but there are some circumstances where you just need to know calorie information: that is where the calorie tracker comes in.


Eat This Not That

So much a part of dieting and weight loss is about educating ourselves about food, exercise and health. Food is such a crucial aspect but it can be boring learning all about the right things to be eating and why. This is one of the great little weight loss apps that makes dieting fun. It has turned food education into a simple learning game. It shows you 2 products and you have to guess which is the better option. Along the way, lots of handy tips and menu hints are handed out too.

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This is another of the exercise related weight loss apps and it enables you to track your running or jogging distance and route, in conjunction with the GPS on your smartphone. It provides information on the distance, time and pace of your run, and there is also social networking functionality which links the app to your Twitter account – now you can tell all of your friends that you are embarking on a healthier lifestyle!



I mentioned that apps for weight loss covered all areas and this is a very useful general one. Making sure that you keep track of your heart rate is very important when exercising, especially if you already suffer from heart conditions or there is a history of heart problems in your family. Exercising is important not only for dieting but also general health and fitness, but making sure that you don’t exert yourself too much is also important; that’s where this heart beat monitor comes in very handy.



Controlling and managing your diet or weight loss routine is made very simple with this app. It tracks your nutrition including calorie intake and the exercise you take. The information is presented in easy to read charts and graphs and its great motivation to see your progress. You can also use it when shopping for groceries – simply scan the bar code of an item to access the app’s database of 420,000+ foods.


Lose It!

One of the reasons why people do not lose weight is simply that they over-eat. While it is true that there are certain medical conditions which inhibit weight loss, a sad fact of life is that we just do not know how to stick to a healthy diet. The app allows you to record which foods you have eaten throughout the day, and provides you with the ability to set a diet plan so that you know if you are sticking to a schedule or not. This way not only will you know exactly what you are eating, but you will be able to plan and balance your diet accordingly.



Diet Point

This is one of the simplest diet plan apps out there. It might look pretty basic but it has some very useful features. It focuses on the basics and has a list of diet plans – you get 55 with the free version and 150+ if you buy the app. `It is also home to a weight-loss forum with a very large and strong community. There are some additional inclusions like BMR and BMI calculators and meal reminders.



Diet is not everything when it comes to weight loss, and therefore the workout weight loss apps which are available are very important. ISPINNING is an app which allows you to create your own workouts and see how many calories you are burning through that workout. The in-built fitness sensors will track your movement, allowing you to see exactly how beneficial your exercise has been.

As you can see even in just these 10 there is some good variety and wide subject coverage in the weight loss apps available. I’m sure you’ll find one really useful for your own regime. Do you already use any you’d recommend?

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myfitnesspal should definitely be on this list

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Livestrong is amazing also!!! Works wonders haha

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