10 Unhealthiest Foods in America ...


Now ladies, there's a difference between splurging a little on your diet by eating something fattening, and eating one of the unhealthiest foods in America that is so bad for you, it ruins a week's worth of eating healthy! There's a reason why we are the fattest country in the world. Our restaurants keep shoveling out meals that could potentially kill us if eaten too much, unhealthy foods filled with massive amounts of calories, fat, carbs, and sodium! Here is a list of some of those 10 unhealthiest foods in the USA to help you splurge, but not too much!

1. Quizno's Veggie Hero (Large)

1,090 calories, 61g fat, 2,540mg sodium

Quizno's Veggie Hero is one of the sneakiest unhealthiest foods in America! I admit that before they started putting their calorie counts on the menu that I ordered this sandwich a few times, thinking it was a healthier option. Boy was I wrong! Aside from its high calorie count, a large Quizno's veggie hero comes loaded with 61g of fat and not to mention 2,540mg of sodium! Luckily, Quizno's has recently lowered the calorie content of this bad boy down to 860 calories and 45g of fat for a large which is better, but still not great. You can thank the load of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses mixed with high calorie guacamole for the fattening aspect of this usually healthy meal.

Applebee’s Appetizer Sampler
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