7 Tips on How to Talk Yourself out of Binge Eating ...


Finding the easiest ways to talk yourself out of binge eating is one of the hardest things to learn to do, but trust me, it is possible. I come from a history of cycling between periods of starving and binging, where one action would remain dormant for months, even years, before the other would rear its ugly head again. When I finally decided to recover from both actions, I learned how to eliminate even the simple urge to binge, or starve for that matter. During a binge, your mind is a one way street. All you can think about is consuming the food and using it to soothe you, yet there are powerful strategies you can take to talk yourself out of a binge and I know, because I used every one of them.

1. Stop and Say No

One of the most powerful ways to talk yourself out of binge eating is to literally stop dead in your tracks on your way into that kitchen, or halfway into digging into that box of cookies or jar of peanut butter. Pull your hand back and literally tell yourself “No.” I’m serious here, girls. Tell yourself you do not need that food and it is not going to make you feel better past the point of tasting good. Telling yourself “No” out loud really makes things real that you do not need that food. If you're really hungry, eat a healthy meal. Are you hungry for a healthy meal? If not and you just want the junk food, just say "No." Parent yourself and tell yourself “No.” You have to actually mean it as well. You need to truly believe that when you say “No,” you mean “No." Remind yourself why you want to stop binging. Think about waking up the next morning guilt-free and actually not feeling sick from binging. Then, again, tell yourself "No." By saying no to the binge food, you're saying yes to recovery.

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