7 Tips for Calorie Counting ...


Calorie counting is one of the simplest ways to lose weight and keep it off, yet many people hate the idea of keeping track of every single thing that goes into their mouths. While calorie counting is best suited for the self-disciplined and those who are good at planning, it can be the right weight loss regimen for anyone as long as they learn ways to make it easier. Follow these 7 tips for calorie counting to start losing weight now simply by modifying your current eating routine.

1. Sign up for an Online Food Journal

Livestrong, Myfitnesspal, and Caloriecount are just some of the many FREE calorie counting websites devoted to helping you keep track of your calorie intake. The biggest thing that these websites (and their corresponding apps) provide is estimating how many calories you should be consuming daily in order to achieve your goal weight based on your current weight, age, sex, height, and exercise level. They also provide thousands of food entries that give you the necessary nutritional information needed to calculate how many calories you have eaten and how many you have left.
Plan Ahead
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