11 Things You Will Love about the Trim Healthy Mama Diet ...


Have you heard of the Trim Healthy Mama Diet? It’s the latest diet book on the market that’s actually not your typical diet book at all. In fact, this book has changed my life. As a girl who used to fear carbs of all kinds, and certain fats, I’m here to tell you, this book was an answered prayer for me. I have eaten healthy with enough calories for awhile, but I’ll be honest, I still had food fears, I guess you would say. Since I’m very carb sensitive and have an intolerance to sugar from a past seizure condition, I am also careful to watch how all carbs influence my glycemic index. I also used to believe that vegan was the best diet for me, and what I’ve learned is the opposite is true. The Trim Healthy Mama Diet is a new book, written by two women who spent 10 years researching nutrition, all diets, and who even used to be vegetarians and vegans at one point. They even experimented with raw foods and juicing. They’ve done it all, and finally discovered the true way that we were meant to eat as women. The truth is, you can still be thin, maintain a healthy weight and lose your fears of calories, by eating all food groups from healthy sources. The key is to balance things out. Here’s what you need to know about the Trim Healthy Mama Diet to find the freedom that I have. I’ve never been happier or more satisfied in my life, and as someone with her own nutrition degree, I’m here to tell you, Pearl and Serene, the authors of Trim Healthy Mama, truly know their stuff!

1. Carbs Aren’t Evil

One of the very first things to understand about the Trim Healthy Mama Diet, and one thing to love, is that carbs are not evil - the good kinds anyway. Sprouted grain breads, low carb pitas and low carb breads, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and quinoa are all used throughout the recipes in the Trim Healthy Mama book. These are known as E, or Energizing foods. They’re titled E foods because carbs are meant to give us energy, and the THM Diet teaches you how to eat them for that purpose. The key is to pair your carbs with lean proteins and veggies or berries, if you want, so your glycemic index stays even. Lean protein also burns more fat than carbs or fat, and will slow down the rate the carbs are processed in your body. The trick to eating carbs without causing weight gain is not to slather them with fats, like butter, oil or other high fat foods. One teaspoon is allowed, but no more, and instead, you're allowing your body to run off mostly glucose for energy, from healthy sources instead of fat. Later, you can switch things up and eat healthier fats with less starches to keep your metabolism guessing. Any meal with healthy starches is known as an E meal for the most part, but always pair lean protein with your meals, no matter if eating starches or not. This increases your metabolism, and slows down insulin responses in your body.

Stay Away from Sugar
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