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You can’t really go a day without scrolling through Instagram and seeing pictures of delicious fruit organized in the most aesthetically pleasing manner from people who are following the 80/10/10 diet. It seems like every person out there is jumping on the raw food train and feels ecstatically happy about it! This meal plan follows the rule of your diet consisting of 80 percent carbs from fruits and leafy vegetables, 10 percent protein from nuts and 10 percent fat from avocado and coconut. Whether you want to try out 80/10/10 diet is up to you, but here are some things you should know beforehand.

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Two is Not Better than One

When it comes to the 80/10/10 diet, it is recommended to eat large portions of one type of fruit rather than little portions of an array of choices. This is because it is easier for your body to digest one type of fruit than many; in fact this is actually the optimal way to digest food effortlessly! You might have heard of a woman who eats 30 bananas as one monomeal. It’s a little dramatic and insane but apparently it works!


You Need to Increase Your Calorie Intake

A diet that requires you to thrive on fruits and vegetables doesn't have enough calories to meet your normal daily intake, so it’s important that you start increasing your calorie intake. Plus the calories from fruits get easily burned down, so unless you want to feel lethargic the whole day, it’s time to stock up on fruits!


No Cooked FOOD is Allowed

Cooked food is inconvenient and time consuming but it is downright delicious! Unfortunately, if you are trying to give this diet a shot, you have to part with anything that is cooked. This diet is all about raw food, which means you have to consume your food the way it grew on trees or the way it came out of the ground!


Energy Spike

According to some people who have previously taken on the 80/10/10 diet, energy spikes are very typical once you are a little bit into the diet. After eating fruit and vegetables for a couple of days, you might feel a lot more alert, awake and full of energy! You might do more chores than usual or exercise more vigorously. Whatever it is, you will definitely feel that change.


It’s Best for Vegan Athletes

While this diet doesn’t restrict anyone from trying out this raw lifestyle, 80/10/10 is actually best for vegan athletes. They need the crazy amount of carbs for energy, which is why they often take on this food challenge. However, even when they do follow this diet plan, they don’t do it for an extended period of time.


Exercise and Hydrate

Just like with any diet or a change in lifestyle, it’s always important to incorporate exercise and hydration into your plan. Since you are increasing the amount of calories you take in, it’s crucial to make exercise a daily habit in order to avoid any weight gain and it’s equally important to drink more water, for the obvious reasons!


There Are Two Sides to Every Story

Just like to any other popular diet, there are two sides to it! There is a group of people who swear by this diet and believe it changed their life, and there are others who believe people are damaging their body by limiting themselves. The topic of whether the 80/10/10 diet is effective and good for your well-being is debatable but it’s always up to you to decide what you think of it.

The 80/10/10 diet has blown up on the Internet and it’s gaining a lot of attention. Is this the answer to all of our body image and health related problems or is this just another scam? What do you think of the 80/10/10 diet?

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Not a scam at all. Our bodies functions optimally when we feed and nourish it

The way nature intended with fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds. That's the whole idea behind the 80/10/10 lifestyle. Keep in mind that it's not a "diet" it's a lifestyle. The upside of eating this way is: clearer thinking, more energy, feeling light in your body, maintaining proper body weight, cleaning your body of toxins, clear skin and much much more. I am a vegan at the moment but I have incorporated 80/10/10 occasionally into my lifestyle with great success. My ultimate goal is to transition to 80/10/10 permanantly.

What is the best diet for a woman with a very weak thyroid and Metabolism

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