9 Things to Try when Diets Don't Work ...


If you’ve exasperated yourself with dieting and are still seeing no results, then let me give you some advice for when diets don’t work. Many people relate dieting to healthy eating and give up on both. Others would just rather diet than exercise and eat well. If this sounds familiar, or you think you’re just not capable of reaching a healthy weight, then take some advice when diets don’t work from someone who’s been there. When I finally stopped trying to follow a diet plan, I lost more weight than ever, and even reached a point where I lost too much. Try these 9 things when diets don’t work if you’re tired of diet books, and just want to reach a healthy weight. It’s actually much easier than you think!

1. Quit Counting

The very first thing I’d advise anyone to do when diets don’t work is to quit counting calories. First off, it puts you out of touch with your hunger levels, and makes everything all about numbers. That sounds like food prison to me! Living is about enjoying all things in life, including food. Counting calories takes that away, and makes you think more about a number, than what your body is telling you. Quit counting, and I promise, you’ll probably start to lose weight, even more than you could imagine, and also be able to keep it off longer.

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